Color, Sound, and Chi: The Healing Tools of the Universe

By Rev. Spencer Rouse

Color, sound, and Chi (life force energy) nourish us and all living organisms.

We have been given these specific tools to heal and balance ourselves on this earth plane, and they are available to us constantly. They are gifts that we can use to align ourselves with Source energy, of which we are all a part.

How does this happen?
There is a hypothetical point in the Cosmos called the Gamma Point. It is that place where all known universal energies begin. Pure light in the form of pure love begins here, and then moves vibrationally downward through all levels of consciousness, into forms of energy that we can more readily absorb. The closer these wavelengths of color come to earth, the denser they become. First they break down into colors, each of which represents a variety of archetypal qualities. In fact, all the kingdoms of earth are fed by the consciousness of these colors.  As the wavelengths slow down even more, they become a form of energy we call sound. At the next stop, they become Chi energy that can be readily absorbed by the subtle energy fields that make up our auras. Chi follows the nadis (energy pathways) in our bodies and flows to the organs through the endocrine glands and nervous system, and then into the cellular memory and DNA.

Color Expressing as Soul Qualities
Pure light is the divine energy of all creation. It is the highest and fastest of vibrations, and it is too spiritually pure for most to access on a regular basis. The architects of the Universe recognized this and created the colors to break it down into forms of consciousness that can be seen and absorbed more readily by our earthly physical and auric systems. We can now see a range of seven colors in the rainbow  (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet), and as our consciousness continues to elevate, we will observe turquoise and magenta appearing in our skies.

Each of us was born under a color ray with specific qualities, attributes, and varying levels of consciousness.

As such, each of us reflects the archetypal qualities of that ray while on earth. For instance, those born under the Red ray will exhibit signs of leadership and power, with the potential for fiery energy that can be transmuted into divine love. Those born under each ray can possess many and varied qualities, which can be expressed and transmuted according to their level of consciousness and desire to grow. Since there are only seven rays at this time, many people on many different levels of consciousness are born under the same ray. You have to get a feel for it from your repeated color choices and understanding what energies/vibratory rate each of the colors bring out.  This isn’t something to be “learned” as much as it is to feel the differences in the various colors and what that means to YOU.

By studying colors and how we resonate with them, we can come to more of an understanding about our own soul potentials: how we can help them emerge, and ways we can express ourselves so that we and others can benefit. We can learn very quickly which colors resonate with us at a soul level and also which colors we need to have around us at a specific point in time to balance or heal our energetic systems. We learn to observe our personalities and daily choices against the qualities of our ray, and how we can develop through these experiences. It is through our life experiences that we transform our soul potentials into soul qualities that remain with us forever and enlarge our souls.

Sound and Music
We are surrounded by sounds in our human existence. Some of it is music, while some of it is just noise. Both have a strong impact on our cellular structure, positive and negative. Sound in our environment is stored in our Astral body. Music can reveal feelings and emotions that are also stored in the Astral body, lifting them up to be recognized and released in healing and balancing processes.

Living sound comes from nature, the voice, and acoustic (non-electronic) instruments. This is because acoustic sound resonates with the harmonics or natural overtones present in nature at the physical level of the cells and also in the subtle energy fields around the cells. This produces the Chi that nourishes the physical body and the electromagnetic field we call the aura. Interestingly enough, this Chi is found only in the overtones, which resonate in the space between two notes, not in the notes themselves.

The sound that emerges from the space between “living” notes, known as overtones, is where healing actually begins.

Here’s an example of how it works. Learning to overtone chant involves producing one tone with the mouth cavity and producing a second higher sound of a different pitch at the same time with the tongue. This technique is fairly easy to learn, and it creates both expansion and concentration in the aura. As a result, we become energized and revitalized.

Energy and Musical Intervals
A musical interval played on an instrument also refers to the space between two notes.  Here, an overtone is the continuing sound waves that go on after a note on an acoustic instrument is played—like the ever-widening circles that appear in water when we throw in a pebble. An electronic or digital instrument simply plays the note, then stops.

For instance, notes that are side by side on a piano and played at the same time (a chord) or one after the other are called a second interval. This interval produces a tension and a dissonance that is difficult to listen to, but it tends to break up stuck energy. If you look at the piano and play two white keys with one white key in between, you will be playing the interval of a third. This produces an emotional response and can often be heard in country music. The first through the fourth intervals work directly on our physical, emotional, and mental levels. The fifth interval stimulates Chi or energy that reactivates ancestral memories in our subtle energy fields. Certain memories are awakened which create associations, images and ideas.

When we are conscious of what memories appear, we can begin the process of behavioral and cellular re-patterning, which leads to a high level of transmutation.

The Fundamental Note
Each of us also has a musical note that is actually our soul note. There is not a particularly easy technique that can help people feel their own, but with practice it can be achieved. In this quest, it is helpful to tone up and down the musical scale until finding a note that lights you up and makes you feel fully in resonance with everything around you. Your aura will expand and you may feel an expansion of consciousness too.

Knowing and toning your fundamental note with the intention of expanding your consciousness can be very useful in connecting you to the whole of your being, from ancestral memories to cosmic purpose (Fabien Maman, Tao of Sound). Toning your fundamental note often enough can activate regeneration on the cellular level and harmonize and balance you in every dimension of your being.

Negative Emotions and Thinking
We often hear that the potential for disease usually starts first in the energy field, rather than the physical body. Our auras can hold onto negative thoughts and emotions, both our own and also those directed towards us from others. If we do not take steps to release them, this type of energy can crystallize and move through the subtle energy fields to the physical body where it becomes illness or disease.  For example, destructive emotional attitudes, intense or prolonged irritation and violent activity while angered will pour vast amounts of energy in from the astral body to the etheric body through the solar plexus chakra center, which can eventually result in problems with the stomach, gall bladder, and pancreas. If we tend to be highly critical, judgmental, or feel superior towards others, those tendencies could easily create a condition of acute acidity in the system, a state that promotes disease. The ensuing energy will then work through the throat center to the solar plexus, creating problems with the glands and organs in the areas of these chakras. These are generalized examples of diseases related to the Astral body. Other conditions can arise in the mental or etheric subtle bodies that create different conditions in the physical body.

In addition to the fundamental note and intervals, we can use various other color and sound techniques to release, harmonize, and balance the energy fields. For example, there are specific Qi Gong and Tai Chi movements to open the energetic passageways and ground color and sound in the body.

The opportunities for us to heal with color and sound are as vast as the cosmos itself. We have the capacity to learn and grow from life’s experiences in relation to the properties and characteristics of color and sound as vibration; to make adjustments and corrections in our health; and to expand in consciousness according to the Divine Plan. We have been given the tools. As we use them, we will know who we are and become one with each other and the Pure Light of love.

Rev. Spencer Rouse has been a psychic medium, teacher, counselor, writer and healer for more than 25 years. She recently completed her Level 1 and 2 studies of Acoustic Sound, Color, and Body Movement with Fabien Maman (Father of Vibrational Sound Therapy) at the Tama-do Academy in Malibu, CA, and Switzerland. For more information visit, email

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