Angels & Inspirations: A Drop Named Splendid

By Emily Rivera Andrews

“All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.” ~Kabir

Once upon a time there was a drop named Splendid. This little drop knew itself to be the ocean. It knew not of itself in any other way. Splendid moved with ease through the sea and through the many elements that embodied the ocean. She witnessed the different components, but consciously couldn’t distinguish any separation from the all. She was ocean and wonder, creatures and rocks, sand and breeze.

One day Splendid felt a stir through the Ocean with great power….. The Sun had spoken; with its voice came rays of light which casted themselves upon the Sea. A particular ray moved graciously towards Splendid with ripples of warmth that surrounded her essence, and she felt loved. Sun spoke directly to Splendid with gentle love and power. It told her about the Ocean, and of the earth that connected with the sea. It shared that the Ocean and earth were one of the same, just unique components of the whole. Splendid, fueled with wonder, asked question after question of this place, and for the first time she felt the energy of desire move through the ripples of her being. She wished to experience herself though the elements of earth. In loving response to this sincere desire, the Sun stretched its rays beyond the sea and in one swift move brought them all together to create a perfect circle of light.

Sun apprised Splendid that she was to become a drop of water and that she would journey through earth within this circle of light; and with this truth she’d always be protected and guided by the light. In the Sun’s love she became enlightened within the awareness that she is part of the Ocean and Sea, water and light in its unison, earth and sky just the same, and free to be all that she pleased. Sun then spoke once again, and all time seized as Splendid the drop got carried up, up, up into the sky; and with a gentle breeze brought forth through the breathe of all creation, she became one with the clouds.

Splendid was filled with awe as she witnessed the beauty and perfection contained within the deep emerald blue Ocean, and for the first time she knew herself as free.

The bliss exalted her higher into the sky, heightening her understanding of it all. With the light as her guide and the Sun’s essence as her companion, she was in perfect alignment; and within that instant…. Swish…… She felt herself fall.

Falling faster and faster though the sky, past the clouds that welcomed her in this ordained initiation, past the blue that she once knew herself to be. Falling steadfastly through the uninhibited air that filled the space between sky and earth, her ultimate destination; Earth, a place that Sun had inspired for her to see. Splendid, full of eagerness to what may unfold. At last finding herself moving amongst colors she had never seen and finalizing her fall into the arms of a wide opened Lillie that, un-beknownst to its awareness, was expecting Splendid’s sudden arrival.

Lillie moved with the wind, yet unaware of Splendid presence and her light. Splendid felt herself gently gliding down Lillie’s petal propelled by a hidden force that she didn’t recognize but one that contained the same warmth and love she felt from the Sun. Lillie depends on drops like Splendid to maintain her physical existence, and in that visit Splendid would be offering life to Lillie while empowering her growth. Shivers of sustenance moved through Lillie as she discovered Splendid’s presence and the good she was bringing forth. Splendid, without effort, felt an aspect of her break away. A new drop emerged and it moved further down Lillie’s petals and ultimately down into the ground. Lillie felt joy and in her presence and expressed gratitude for the gift Splendid had just bestowed.

Splendid felt elated, for in this moment she knew herself as Love, and in this she felt bliss.
Moments passed and the breeze brought Splendid to the tip of Lillie’s perimeters, and with a blink of an eye, Splendid found herself being carried up in the sky by a creature with intricate wings and vivid colors. Butterfly was this creature’s name. He was bold and full of confidence. He recognized Splendid as a source of sustenance and depended on her now. She felt herself in disarray, since she felt no freedom in this moment. So she called on the light that was part of her whole and she noticed more drops falling from the sky upon her. They brought with them strength and inspiration and she felt herself grow. She received what was needed and what she had set forth through intention, and within that she found peace. Butterfly landed on the side of a tree, in which he proceeded to drink from Splendid’s new expanded self.

In this moment, Splendid knew herself as nourishment, and in this she felt bliss.

Butterfly now carried her further in his arms over a river that was part of this land. He let her go as he shared gratitude through his energy. In doing so, she could further be part of the Earth she was destined to see. Her excitement and experience of adventure elevated to its highest as she headed down the rapid river. This presence was joy, and within it she heard laughter. River was neither male nor female but one and the same and it played with Splendid with every bump and turn. River informed Splendid that it was happy to have her as a guest. It showed her different components of earth and the ultimate potentials contained through its banks. Splended felt herself grow in understanding. In turn, she shared with River all that she has learned and the experience with the Sun. River felt fortified in this knowledge.

In this moment, Splendid knew herself as Wisdom, and in this she felt bliss.

In a quick turn of the land, Splendid found herself being catapulted up into the sky. She saw Sun in its splendor and felt instantaneous bliss. In this moment she knew herself as Sun, as she graciously evaporated into its light and its rays. She had fully become part of the whole, neither Ocean nor drop, but one with it all. Sun chanted words of knowledge and love as it brought Splendid back to Ocean, as she once knew herself to be.

In this moment Splendid knew herself as complete, and in this she felt bliss.

Awaken to the Splendid within you. Know yourself as love, and in this truth you too will find your bliss.


Emily Rivera Andrews is a certified Angel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and an Angel Manifesting Master Practitioner. Emily shares techniques that have helped her become a Gifted Intuitive, Intuitive Channeler, Healer, Manifester, and Angel Communicator. To ask your Angels a question, email or visit To order her book Connecting with the Angels visit

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