Embrace the Era of Brotherly Love

By Julie Klutinoty

We are now in the Age of Aquarius, and it is the time to begin the process of letting go.

Many people are in the midst of this progression and many have yet to begin. There is one thing for certain and that is the fact that many people now are in need of a helping hand. As the earth progresses into her new position, in what is destined to be the most dramatic shift of the planet known to modern mankind, the energy that is sweeping over Mother Earth is that of Love. Brotherly Love. This is the Age of Aquarius…Welcome loved one!
The Age of Aquarius has been talked about for centuries. It was prophesied in the Bible, but it was not referred to the Age of Aquarius until the 1970s. Why? Because what it truly means,

What this age actually represents is something mankind could not wrap its mind around in those times—a concept of brotherly love and peace.

One hand feeding another, and one human being lifting up another human being. It was a concept so far removed from that status quo that mankind labeled it ‘Armageddon’. Over the years, there have been so many books and movies written around what mankind perceived as the “battle between good and evil.” These concepts defined our reality until the generations of the 60s and 70s helped us to truly understand and define what the Age of Aquarius is all about.

The message rang out loud and clear, and people began to live it. In the 1970s there were demonstrations of peace and brotherly love pouring out all over the United States and around the world. The essence of the Age of Aquarius is an air of Love. It stands for hope and compassion, peace and kindness. In fact, random acts of kindness were being expressed globally. How? Communal living environments sprang up, Woodstock took place, and anti-war demonstrations made headlines. Regardless of the position you might have taken on these happenings, the point is these demonstrations and events came from the desire for mankind to experience the Age of Aquarius.

It was an out pouring of openness and acceptance, living in cooperation instead of competition.

The Age of Aquarius has been predicted for generations, and it has been publicly scrutinized and criticized because it represents an end of another era. It is the end of power grabbing and the self destruction of mankind. For centuries, mankind has ruled from a place of power and control. This has evolved as a product of living in the past, from repeating patterns and paradigms of how mankind lives, how it thinks and feels, and its belief systems.

Mankind is living in the past through inherited values and belief systems that are being used as a source of information for creating reality.

Do you think the values and belief systems from yesteryear can serve as a guide for living on the planet today? Are things the same as they were centuries ago? Have there been advancements in technology and other areas that have enabled mankind to live life in a completely different manner? The answer is a resounding yes! Then how can the same paradigms from the past serve anyone living on the earth today? They cannot. Now that we have passed the fear-based predictions surrounding the December 21, 2012, date, there will be more shifts and changes that bring the Age of Aquarius into perspective. This represents a clearer view of what life will be like moving forward on Earth in 2013 and beyond. It truly is a time for brotherly love and peace. It is all possible and it is all happening now.

All mankind needs to do is let go. Let go and be open to receive the Love that is pouring forth into this planet and into the souls of mankind. Let go of the past, it no longer serves anyone who is seeking to grow in this Age of Aquarius. This is the Era of Brotherly Love. This is the Love that represents who and what human beings are all about. It is all happening right now, right here, on Earth.

Julie Klutinoty, whose given spiritual name is Anahata, Seed of Love, is a Kundalini channel. In addition to being a published writer, Julie offers group and private yoga/healing sessions to heal and open the heart chakra. She uses various holistic healing modalities, such as movement and sound, essential oils, flower essences, gemstones and energy healing. For more information and to contact Julie via email spiritblends@gmail.com.

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