Who Said That?

By Linda Commito

We learn a lot about our world through our five senses, yet we often take them for granted, only realizing their value when they diminish with age or we lose one of them. What we are less likely to acknowledge is that we comprehend and experience life with more than sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, and that oftentimes our less-tangible senses are far more effective than their physical counterparts.

For example, do you sometimes seem to just know things? We may not always be able to put a name to it or explain how we know, we just do. Even scientists can’t explain the reasons behind the feelings and perceptions of someone who is in touch with their intuition, their inner wisdom and guidance system.

We may understand things about people that have nothing to do with what they are saying or doing.

We know how we feel when we walk away from someone and we’re able to cut through the social politeness to get to the essence of what just transpired. We oftentimes base our trust of others more on the good vibes or feelings that we get from them than by the words they speak.

We are just beginning to realize the power of our thoughts and how interconnected everything is.

We think about someone and moments later they call, saying, “You were just on my mind.” Even though this is a common phenomenon today, it is still strong validation that a world exists beyond our physical senses.

This type of communication happens with beings outside of our physical environment too. We can ask for the help that we need and we can tune in to our angels or guides, who are ready to assist us if we allow it. And if we are really listening, what we hear can offer tremendous support and can even save lives.

Clear Messages

There have been several instances in my own life when I’ve received clear messages, sometimes through a dream and other times through a voice.

I’ve learned the importance of being open to these messages and to respond immediately.

One July 4th weekend, at dusk, I was driving to the mountains in my four-wheel drive vehicle, which was filled with food, clothes and my big German shepherd. Since I don’t drive well in the dark and was eager to get to my weekend destination, I was driving faster than I should have been in the passing lane on a busy highway.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, I heard a voice: “Slow down and move into the right lane.” I responded immediately and moved over into the next lane just as my right rear tire exploded and shredded into pieces. Because I’d reduced my speed, I was able to safely move over to the shoulder of the highway and stop the car. I was shocked, realizing that if this had happened just moments before, I could have been seriously injured or killed.

I believe, too, that sometimes people who show up in our life at just the right time have also heard and listened to a ‘voice,’ following an instinct to do something that is not usually a part of their routine. After my tire blew out, without a cell phone and with no houses or highway exit nearby, I watched the sky getting darker as I wondered how I was going to get to my destination. I had stood by the side of my vehicle for about 15 minutes when a Safeway supermarket truck pulled up. A kind-hearted young man, who didn’t normally stop on his work route, got out to offer his assistance and I was soon safely on my way.

At times, that voice has saved lives. Two different people, at different times and locations, have told me almost identical stories. One friend, Amy (alias), said that she had gone to a party with two friends, leaving behind a roommate who didn’t want to go with them. At one point, Amy was sitting alone at the party when she heard a voice say, “Go home!” Who said that? she wondered as she looked around, but there was no one nearby. Amy jumped up, gathered her friends, and headed home, where she found her roommate in critical condition from a suicidal overdose. They were able to rush her roommate to a hospital in time to save her life.

Kevin, a compassionate teen whom I spoke with recently, had a similar experience. He and a friend shared an apartment, but on this particular day Kevin was visiting with his dad. While he was at his dad’s, he heard a clear voice tell him to “Go home!” At first he thought, Well, I am home, thinking of his dad’s home as his. But without hesitating, Kevin told his dad that he had to go and drove to his apartment where he found his housemate writing a suicide note. Kevin invited him to go to the beach and just talk—heart to heart. There he shared with his friend his own experiences with despair and how he had turned his life around. It was a valuable conversation and today Kevin’s friend is doing some good things with his life by helping others.

Messengers come in all shapes, forms, and sizes to convey meaningful information.

We may see images, hear voices, or just have a feeling that something is not right, but the messages may be just what is needed to turn a life around, to save a life—whether it is ours, someone we love’s, or a total stranger’s. We may not know who said that, but when we hear that voice, it’s enough to just pay attention.

Linda Commito is the author of Love Is the New Currency. Currently, she is the Kindness Starts With Me Volunteer Coordinator at Alta Vista elementary school in Sarasota, FL.. Go to www.loveisthenewcurrency.com for more information or to sign up for some positive news in her monthly newsletter.

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