Connecting with the Ascended Masters

By Rev. Sharon-Elizabeth James

As we move forward in this new age of expanded consciousness, the time has come for more people to become aware of the spiritual hierarchy of “Ascended Beings” who have lovingly assisted our world from its inception and who connect with many of us today either consciously or unconsciously.

The most ancient of legends found in all cultures and spiritual societies around the world talks of a time when the Earth was steeped in such darkness that humankind lost all contact with the God Flame. As the story goes, the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara (who is known by many names), along with another 144,000 beings from the Etheric Realm of the planet Venus, volunteered to come to Earth and help humanity keep the Sacred Fire of the God Flame alive until a sufficient number of lightworkers would awaken in consciousness and help the inhabitants of Earth recognize their true Divine nature.

According to these sacred teachings, a “Master” is a human being who has taken the Fifth Initiation and is thereby capable of dwelling in consciousness in the 5th dimension or realm. A realm is like a range of frequency or a note within a musical octave, and many believe that as a planetary collective we are now moving into the fifth dimension or realm of existence.

An “Ascended Master” is a human being who has reached the Sixth Initiation of consciousness and is thereby capable of dwelling on the sixth dimension.

This human being has regained full union with his or her “Mighty I AM Presence.” When this happens, the individual has reached full union with the Divine Self, and this is referred to as “Ascension.”

There are many names for the groups of Ascended Beings who work for the spiritual evolution of Earth, such as The Spiritual Hierarchy and The Great White Brotherhood. Some of the more popular Ascended Masters recognized in the West are Sananda, also known as Jesus the Christ, who walked the Earth 2,000 years ago. He holds the current position of World Teacher. Additionally, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Pallas Athena and many others are now bringing the Divine Feminine Energy to help balance the male and female energies on this planet.

Another group of Ascended Masters is the Chohans of the Rays. Chohan in Sanskrit means “Lord of the Dharma” or “Sacred Labor.” These individuals work with the seven rays. Each ray of color, which is represented in the visible spectrum of light, embodies specific qualities. El Morya is the Chohan of the First Ray, which is related to the will of God. The ray color and vibration is blue. Lord Lanto is the Chohan of the Second Ray, which is yellow. This is the ray of wisdom, illumination, and enlightenment. Lanto guides us on our personal quest for knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. Paul the Venetian is the Chohan of the Third Ray, which is pink in color and vibration. It is the ray of love and all that we associate with it: compassion, kindness, charity, and beauty. Serapis Bey is the Chohan of the Fourth Ray. It is white in color and holds the qualities of purity and harmony. The Chohan of the Fifth Ray, which is green, belongs to Hilarion. This is the ray of healing and wholeness, where self-healing is paramount. The Sixth Ray is purple and gold and belongs to Lady Nada. It is the ray of service. In the final position is St. Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray, which is the Violet Ray of Alchemy. This is the ray of freedom, forgiveness, mercy and transmutation. St. Germain plays an important role in the affairs of mankind in our current Age of Aquarius.

There are many people upon the Earth today who are consciously aware of and communicating with the Ascended Masters, but a connection beyond the five senses is not necessary to work with these amazing beings. Through intention, we can access any Master or Chohan, and many of us are doing this subconsciously without even being aware of the process or the assistance we are receiving at this critical junction in human evolution. As our consciousness evolves, more people will evolve into Planetary World Servers who “remember” their relationships with the higher realms. All we need to do to accelerate the process is to request to become consciously aware of our connections with the Beings of Light who work with us to bring forth God’s Divine Plan.

Rev. Sharon-Elizabeth James has a conscious relationship with Enlightened Star Beings and the Ascended Masters who are assisting humanity to enter a golden age of enlightenment and empowerment. She has been facilitating Anchoring Light Meditations weekly since July 16, 2007. Through a celestial orchestration of events, Rev. Sharon-Elizabeth serves today as one of three Pastors for the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light and is currently conducting Ascended Master Classes. For more information visit www.CosmicCenterofSpiritual

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