Message of Love: Wisdom from Joan of Arc

By Gail Swanson

A vision can be the catalyst that changes your whole life, and it may come to awaken you to your spiritual mission. That is what happened to me. At the time I did not know what the vision meant or where it would lead, but little by little it was revealed to me through signs and synchronicities. I call it “following the spiritual breadcrumbs,” and I am still picking them up. Sometimes the breadcrumbs are so tiny one must look carefully to see them, and other times they are as big as loaves of bread.

My visionary experience eventually led me to channel messages and information from Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc and other magnificent women who have aided me in bringing forth their unique voices and the voices of the divine feminine collective. It has been a beautiful and challenging journey.

During this time of great transformation, Joan of Arc has come forward to not only aid us with courage and strength, but to reveal the higher view of her life and therefore the higher view of our own lives. She was known for following the visions and divine voices that helped her save France during the Hundred Years’ War. She came to a most tragic end and was burned at the stake in 1431.

We all carry within us past lives with tragic endings, during which we were harmed and/or killed for speaking out. We are back now, especially as women, to raise ourselves up to see a higher view of what we perceive here on earth as pain, suffering and tragedy. In the higher realms that vista is one of magnificence.

Joan of Arc understood this truth while on Earth, and it enabled her to fulfill her mission. And as you will see, she will speak of how her story is a tale of love above all else, love of something greater than self; for love is magnified when you are able to see beyond the complexities of the world and resonate with the higher view.

Joan of Arc and Mary Magdalene both understood the humanity of facing fear, injustice and even death while holding on to the highest view. They are here now in their essence to help us to do the same. They are our sisters, assisting us to turn the spiritual tides, to awaken the masses, to overcome our fears, reclaim our power, and to bring the divine feminine back into balance.

We are never alone. We are loved beyond measure by beings in other realms of existence. Each and every thing we do impacts the world and places we cannot access in physical form in ways we cannot even imagine. These are powerful times, and we are powerful beings. May the words of Joan of Arc encourage you and lift you and may you walk unafraid in truth, beauty and strength.

A Message from Joan of Arc

“The time is at hand for the power and strength of the feminine, which has not truly seen the light, the light of the new day, the light that is needed to transform and transcend that which has been hidden, that which has been covered, layered with falsehoods and untruths.

“If this language is strong this is as it should be, for strength is needed, strength in thought, strength in word and strength in action.

“And let it be known and let it be heard that my story is not primarily a story of strength. It is a story of love. If the events of my life are seen only through a narrow lens, than so be it. For always will there be those who refuse to see and refuse to hear.

What remains hidden here? I tell you it is love.

For the sword and the armor have blinded the many, and the form of [me as] a girl angered and enraged. For who was I to say that Heaven was speaking to me, an ignorant girl?

“And why do I speak here and now through [Gail]? I tell you I speak for the time is at hand.

“Listen and you shall hear. For you turn your heads from that which is war-like, for it breaks your hearts to see human suffering. But I say to you that all is not what it seems. And I say to you that there is none worse than the suffering of a soul too blind to see. For the true suffering of humanity is fueled by this blindness.

“The voice of Heaven is loud and true but cannot be heard by those blinded by ignorance. For the blind become deaf and this is the battle. For the battle within manifests without.
“My destiny, proclaimed by Heaven, a task impossible, guided by love. Love for that which is greater than anything, love for the Beloveds, love for the truth.

“And love and truth gave birth to courage, for the voice of Heaven became one with my own. And so the girl took up her armor, and so the girl raised the banner of truth and freedom.

“And hope was born in the hearts of those who saw nothing but hopelessness. And faith was rekindled in all who had forgotten that love and truth shall overcome all.

“And yes, the blind still refused to see and the voice of Heaven fell upon those who would not hear. And this continues in your world and your lives so I pass on to you this banner of truth and freedom.

“And this I proclaim with an infinite love, that there is only one voice that shall raise the banner. It is your own true voice and the voice of Heaven. And this heavenly alchemy merging as one shall turn once again the cold hard metal of impossibility into miraculous gold.

“The seeds of hope, light and transformation are within you. As battles rage there is peace within. As timelines merge and fall away, a new time is created. A new world is birthed.”
“As one hopeful heart overcomes thousands upon thousands of bitter hearts, all is continuously transformed on levels unseen but felt in moments of reverence and quiet contemplation.

“Legions of angels and precious beings reign light upon you and offer a sustenance made of heaven’s pure light. This spiritual encouragement lightens your hearts, eases your burdens, and illuminates your spiritual strength and magnificence. Pour open your heart. Be not afraid, for the power within is as mighty as Heaven itself.

“Through these times of great transformation, think of those who have gone before, for the power of one has created the miraculous. And this is the power of which I now speak, your own true power, that which reigns within. Manifest your power through a word or a touch, through a head devoutly bowed or a knee bent in reverence. Manifest your power with a prayer softly uttered. Manifest your power through a kindness given. Manifest your power through a heart awakened. Manifest your truth through the power of love.

“Be not afraid. Raise your banner of truth and march sweetly forward in strength.”

“The crucible of love is carried forth in your hearts. The pain and sorrow of past injustices are being transformed through each loving word and deed. As the past merges with the present, physical and emotional bodies respond. There is so much that you carry, so much you transform.

“The conscious awareness of your soul’s purpose, the knowledge that you have come again to aid in this most transforming time magnifies the outcome of each mission. As past injustices merge with present injustices you respond with an awakening, an awakening of remembrance of all that has gone before and all that feels familiar in your lives and your world of today.

“And as you perceive and awaken, and as a betrayal or injustice today brings back those of times past, you feel, you weep, you cry out, and you may fall. Then the power within rises, the feminine power of love, the feminine power of strength, the alchemical magic awakens and rises with a power and strength stronger than the past, more powerful than a memory or injustice of today.

“And as the power rises within, and as you feel, acknowledge and respond, you choose the path of the spiritual warrior with a feminine strength present throughout the ages. For you are bearers of truth and soldiers of freedom and through your awareness so vigilant and so true, through each conscious kindness, each voice raised in truth, you transform one by one, a hardened heart or bitter injustice.

Yes the task is mighty and the road long, and you have walked this path again and again, but I ask you now to feel in your heart, the power of love and the root of forgiveness. For only these shall usher in the New World, only these shall move you into the fullness of your true spiritual nature.

“Walk the path with your head held high feeling and knowing your power and strength. Know that battles once fought for truth and for freedom carry you forth in this time and this place. Feel the protection of your spiritual armor, carry the sword of truth and enlightenment. Work your alchemical magic as you transform and transcend all worldly concerns. Bring forth the balance of masculine and feminine, the strength of the armor and the beauty of love.

Know that which you endure and overcome shall strengthen you…. and that which you forgive shall free you.

Gail Swanson is an author and channel. She brings forth the beauty, power and reclamation of the divine feminine through the guidance of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Joan of Arc and others. Her book The Heart of Love : Mary Magdalene Speaks is a beautiful journey into the heart and words of Mary Magdalene. Gail offers healing guided meditations through her workshops and private sessions. She can be reached through her website

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