Harnessing the New Energy of Earth

By Kryon, as Channeled by Lee Carroll

In the world of spiritual studies and metaphysics, the term “channeling” refers to the esoteric process of a human receiving messages or inspiration from beings or spirits that reside in nonphysical realms. Over the years, this practice has been gaining more and more recognition in the mainstream, especially through entities such as Kryon, which has been channeled by Lee Carroll since 1989. Lee is recognized worldwide as the original conduit for Kryon, and he has been honored over the years by seven United Nations invitations to channel Kryon at the United Nations building in New York City.

Kryon, an interdimensional being who works with the Ascended Masters, offers us words of wisdom that are uplifting and positive.

In this first installment of a series, we share a recent message from a live presentation. This copy is presented in its original unedited flow to capture the energy and the essence of Kryon. Its aim is to help you on your spiritual journey as we embark into a Golden Age of consciousness, one in which we all are opening up to universal sources of wisdom and knowledge.

You are a Channel!
Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. As many times as we do this, there are those who would wonder, “Is the man still in his body?” [speaking of Lee Carroll]. Of course he is, but his consciousness is split. Now, some would say, “I knew it! This makes him a candidate for a psychologist.” But it is not that kind of split. Each of you has the ability to do what you see here, but it does not have to be in this form. There is a new energy beginning to form on the planet, and we are starting to discuss it gradually.

In the process of human evolvement, it is inevitable that some of you will channel. This kind of channeling does not have to be in public or in front of other human beings. It can be done only for yourself. It can be what some have previously called “automatic writing,” but different. By the way, there’s nothing automatic about it. It’s not something that just happens. It is you stepping aside and, in the privacy of your own existence, finding the sacred part of you and being able to channel that which is inside you. Some of you will not find an entity with a name at all, but rather you will start channeling pieces and parts of your own divinity. You will call it channeling, but it’s really communications to the Higher-Self. It’s you getting in touch with the core soul that is also you. But it will look like channeling, and it will be.

The next step in Human evolution is inward, not outward, for the evolvement of the Human species will be concerning what the brain is able then to do collectively with all of the DNA in the body.

Within your own bodies, there’s more than a hundred trillion pieces of DNA, and they’re all identical and unique with your imprint. They’re all bonded or entangled as one. They all present one common field together, as the soul that you are [your Merkabah].

You are finished with the old energy and everything is recalibrating. …There is a release going on and you’re starting to feel it. This release will have some anomalies to it, and you’re going to start to see it soon. We have told you that among the anomalies of the release are the darker energies of the earth realizing they’re losing the battle. It’s a last gasp, if you wish, to some older energy processes that will raise their heads and pretend they’re in charge, but they won’t be. You will watch them be dismissed through population nonsupport, probably for the first time in human history!

Lee Carroll has conducted Kryon seminars all over the Americas, Western Europe, Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland and the Baltic states. The Kryon work now represents 12 channelled books that embody more than 200 separate Kryon publications. These books are now published in 24 languages worldwide. In addition, Lee Carroll and his spiritual partner, Jan Tober, introduced the earth to the term “Indigo Children” in 1999 with the book by Hay House, The Indigo Children. There are now three Indigo Children books by Lee and Jan. For more information, a vast library of channeled transcripts and a schedule of seminars, visit www.kryon.com.

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