Embracing Excellence

By Emily Rivera Andrews

This year many will experience a rebirth into a conscious state of excellence. We will bear witness to a culmination of success as we further awaken to a perceptual shift in our awareness. 2013 will be a year of great change within the integral components of our existence.

On the night of January 03, 2013, I felt a gentle nudge. It wasn’t a nudge from a physical form, but from an angelic presence that had inspiration to bestow upon me. It lovingly encouraged me to share in thought what I was hoping to experience this coming year. Half consciously I smiled and whispered four words: love, joy, peace, and freedom. She smiled and gently entered my thoughts and spoke words that invited me to explore these things by envisioning more concrete representations of what they meant for me. She asked that I “see” what experiences would give life to these words. So I visualized love through an embrace, joy through laughter and play, peace through a relaxing day at the park, and freedom through a beautiful home and financial success.

In response, she visually gave me a picture of an artistic wall decoration that embodies these intentions for 2013. I was shown details and aspects that were key components to the masterpiece. I felt joy in the experience and an eagerness to begin, even though in the moment not fully sure exactly what I was going to be commencing. I rose and began to write the details of what had been shown, with my own insights on how I needed to become better than what I have been, to become more honest with myself on where I was not fully allowing or encouraging the highest version of me, to recognize where I was falsely perceiving the truth of situations and where I was inviting excuses rather than inviting inspired action. I wrote and shared my thoughts, my heart, and my soul through the eyes of a higher me that knew that more was to be expected of my being in the year to come. It wasn’t that I was being viewed as insufficient by myself or the angelic presence nor that I hadn’t been good enough, but that what I had viewed as sufficient and that the “good enough” that I had settled into was not what my soul has come to Earth to become.

On that night I claimed my year of EXCELENCE, and today I encourage you to claim yours.

In life we get greeted with circumstances that ignite the soul within us. They can be circumstances filled with joy and good things, but they can also be circumstances that test our courage, our endurance, and our faith. It is through the latter ones that most of us can be inspired to seek and create better life outcomes. Yet, within all of us, these experiences stir passions fueled by the desire to create love, joy, peace and freedom. It is how we choose to use and actively give action to these passions that determine how we allow our highest potential to flow.

It begins with a sincere awareness of yourself: What are your strengths and your weaknesses, and how can you consciously unite them to coherently create the YOU masterpiece?

Many of us have ideas about how we can represent a walking masterpiece, but few are actively engaging in the thoughts, behaviors and attitudes that proclaim those concepts into reality.

Within us all resides a soul of excellence, a master presence stirring to bring forth and articulate inspired ideas and actions. Today you are being encouraged to listen to this voice of knowledge being spoken by your soul. This wisdom is being offered from the place within that knows there’s a union with God/Divine that can never be broken. An orchestration of events, people and circumstances is being guided by a higher source that seeks to bring us to a place in which the truth of love is recognized, celebrated and experienced.

The vision given to me on January 3rd was that of a “Vision Quest” (a name given to me by the angels), a map to what was available for my taking. Likewise, you are being inspired to embrace a year of excellence. I willingly and with all that is available within me embrace this journey for myself and everyone else who would like to join me in this proclamation. Create your own vision, but not from a place in which you detach from the soul and God’s love. Invite your Vision Quest, and create the space for it to be brought forth to you through prayer, intention and/or silent contemplation. From this place your soul will speak, and God/Divine will bring forth the clarity needed to give it roots in your mind, heart and all of your being.

You are a beautiful being of light, created to experience the excellence within your potential. Set yourself free by embracing the magnificence that is being encouraged within you and know the Angels, Divine, and all that is good are collaborating to bring forth your own unique representation of EXCELLENCE.

I am inviting everyone to join me this month in a series that will guide individuals in creating their own Vision Quest and how to more powerfully step into it. For more information visit www.livingtoinspire.com.

Much love,

Emily Rivera Andrews is a certified Angel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and an Angel Manifesting Master Practitioner. Emily shares techniques that have helped her become a Gifted Intuitive, Intuitive Channeler, Healer, Manifester, and Angel Communicator. To ask your Angels a question, email emily@LivingtoInspire.com or visit www.livingtoinspire.com. To order her book Connecting with the Angels visit www.transformation-publishing.com

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