12.12.12 A Blueprint for Peace

By Jo Mooy

12.12.12 brings to a close the last of the once-a-century triple-digit calendar dates in the momentous year of 2012. All of these dates, (1.1.1, 2.2.2, through 12.12.12) hold deep significance for those on the spiritual path where symbolic and esoteric meanings are assigned to the numerical combinations. Most people outside the metaphysical communities have no awareness that the triple-digit dates are precise energetic focal points that open portals from the physical into the spiritual and ethereal realms.

The much-anticipated 12.12.12 is particularly important because it coincides with the ending of the Mayan Long Count calendar and the start of a new cycle. The number 12 has historical, astrological, religious, and mystical connotations. It is said that 12 governs space and time in the Cosmos. In the Bible the number 12 is featured 189 times and in the Koran seven times. The Bible speaks of the coming times of change on earth, calling out the cosmic implications of an alignment in the heavens on this date. It tells of the 12 gates to the Celestial kingdom (Astrological signs), 12 precious stones in the new celestial city (breast-plate of the heart center), 12 stars (constellations) in the crown of the woman (Divine Feminine) that will rule the celestial city, and the creation of the 12 stones on the “altar” of Elijah representing the 12 tribes of Israel who finally unite in a holy place. When the numbers are magnified three times as they are in these dates, spirit, matter, and individual consciousness align in harmony.

There’s general consensus that something unique is happening at this time on earth, and that we need to step up our intentions of purpose and goodwill.

An elderly rabbi in Jerusalem recently suggested that world peace was not illusive. He proposed that moderate spiritual and religious leaders come together to craft a workable solution for peace in the Middle East. He was convinced that if there was peace in Jerusalem there would be peace between Arabs and the West—and if there was peace between Arabs and the West, there would be peace on earth.

Sands of the World Mandala

Four years ago leaders in the spiritual community of Southwest Florida believed in the promise of the “new Jerusalem” that the rabbi spoke about. In a powerful ceremony on the summer solstice of 2008, they embraced a vision known as The Prism of Light. These leaders, along with 350 participants, anchored an ethereal diamond shaped formation across 65 square miles in Southwest Florida. From Anna Maria Island in the north, Warm Mineral Springs in the south, Myakka State Park in the east and Siesta Key Beach in the west, they held the etheric Prism of Light intact for several hours. They imagined the creation of a New Jerusalem of Light emerging from the center of the Prism where all the world would finally unite as one.

Those thoughts, held in consciousness by the anchors for more than four years, inspired a blueprint for the physical manifestation of the world coming together as one. In 2012, that blueprint, which is known as the Sands of the World Mandala, will be constructed using sand, earth, stones, and sacred objects from holy, mythic, and historic sites from around the world. Collected and brought by hundreds of people who traveled to these sacred places, this sand, the fabric of our earth, will set into form a pattern for unity for generations to come. The Mandala’s geometric form, infused with the very mineral essence of Mother Earth will impress upon the viewer in a tangible way how world diversity within unity might look one day.

The sands have come from Machu Picchu; Angor Wat; the Great Pyramid of Giza; Mt. Everest; Haleakala; Mayan Temples in Central American; Hopi, Pueblo and Aztec lands; Stonehenge and New Grange; Arama Muru portal in Peru; Maori Tribal lands; Tiwanakku in Bolivia; select volcanoes; Tibetan monasteries; Kwan Yin’s Temple in China; and Capernaum; among many others.

As we endure unpleasant discourse in the general population, fear and negativity between governments and those in need, the Mandala has emerged as a reservoir of hope on behalf of the citizens of the world. It’s evident that as the sands from around the world are placed side by side in a sacred mandala, so too can individuals of all religions, races, and belief systems be brought together to live in beautiful harmony. All it takes is people believing it can and will be done.

If small groups come together worldwide, holding the ideal of the raising of human consciousness, a gentle groundswell will create a force field where the ideal will take form.

This is the formation of the New Jerusalem. It is an ethereal Celestial City of Light that governs the world through peace, balance, and harmony. It’s within our grasp to create this for the future generations of earth.
Jo Mooy has studied with many spiritual traditions over the past 40 years. The wide diversity of this training allows her to develop spiritual seminars and retreats that explore inspirational concepts, give purpose and guidance to students, and present esoteric teachings in an understandable manner. Teaching and using Sound as a retreat healing practice, Jo was certified as a Sound Healer through Jonathan Goldman’s Sound Healing Association. She writes and publishes a monthly internationally distributed e-newsletter called Spiritual Connections and is a staff writer for Spirit of Maat magazine in Sedona. For more information go to www.starsoundings.com or email jomooy@gmail.com.

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