Reflections… Faith in Action

By Ricky Roberts III

Faith—the general meaning of the word itself is to believe in something. In many cases, Faith is associated with a belief in God, or whatever name may be given in reference to a source beyond our self. First we have faith that he, she, or it is real. Then we build our faith by experience, through reading the religious text(s) of our choice and through the supernatural happenings, or miracles, that we witness, hear about, or participate in. In most cases, it is much easier to maintain our faith in a higher power when all is well. However, as it goes with anything, simply maintaining something will not actualize the fullest potential of what it is meant to be, faith included.

Although our faith may survive when all is well, it thrives when it becomes a conviction in action through the hardships we face in our life. Ultimately, we have a choice to allow the adversities we face to nurture our faith, make it stronger or, on the contrary, diminish it. A true testament of our faith comes at some of the darkest hours of our lives. Through experience, I have learned that the challenges in my life not only teach me lessons, but they root me deeper in my understanding of what it means to not only have faith but to live in harmony with it, always.

Faith is the ability to find peace in our hearts, knowing all things work out for the highest good, especially when we are in the midst of struggle, pain, loss, confusion, fear, anger, resentment and/or turmoil.

This is not to say you will be happy about, or enjoy, the hardships you face. However, if you stand firm in your faith at all times, you will find in your heart a sense of knowing that is beyond all things—and that knowing will tell you everything will be okay no matter how hard this time may seem. You are not alone. All things that are given are given to you in grace, and as they are given in grace they are here to guide you and bring you deeper into your faith.

May you find peace in your life, in all ways at all times, as it is unraveling in perfect harmony with the divine perfection in all that is.

YOU ARE VALUED – Ricky Roberts III

Ricky Roberts III is the author of three books, an internet-radio host, youth advocate, inspirational speaker, and founder of YOU ARE VALUED, an organization devoted to promoting the value of the individual. His volunteer work includes Life Rolls On – a surfing program for individuals with spinal cord injuries and Surfing for Autism – a surfing program for individuals and families affected by autism.

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