Angels & Inspirations: Connecting with Your Soul’s Intention

By Emily Rivera Andrews

Life is a beautiful journey that we can all enjoy. Yes, we do face obstacles and challenges at times, but we can find comfort in knowing that we are ALWAYS LOVED and GUIDED by our beautiful Angels and the Divine presence. A truth we can always celebrate.

Before birth our soul is planted within our precious bodies, and we are gorgeous.

We all came here with beautiful soul intentions that continually desire to unfold. Some of our soul plans require more action than others; some of us have fewer or more lessons to learn than others; and there are those of us who remain sleeping as their souls do all the work behind the scenes.

You too have a precious soul intention, as well as gifts and talents to assist you along the way. These soul intentions are your unique blueprint that is made up of a distinctive energy and a natural design representing who you are. As you started to experience life as a child, who you were to become in life began to be molded by people’s reactions, expectations, and judgments. Soon you started to change, limit, or alter who you really came to this world to be.

Most of us forget, and completely lose touch with our true nature and the soul’s intentions.

Our Angels desire to help us reconnect with our soul’s intentions and realize the precious jewel that lies inside us. As they help us in this reconnection, they know they are helping us to connect with peace and joy, since we are realigning to our unique blueprint. By doing this we are powerfully connecting with our true selves. We shift into a state of being that releases us from trying to be something we are not—a state of being that releases us from blaming ourselves for who we are, and instead encourages us to celebrating our unique presence.

It’s time to release the illusion that if we can fix our imperfections we can fix who we are. Through openness and truthfulness, we can begin to fall in love with who we are, and with this love life falls into place more effortlessly and our journey transforms into harmony and balance. Our Angels assist us in achieving this harmony, and with their Divine guidance we get to a point in which we remember to live in alignment with our design. Our Angels help us peel away what is not part of our soul intentions, which reveals the underlying pattern to our inherent energy that has meaning and makes sense. To discover our original design frees our energy and helps us become who we came here to be. We must truly look at ourselves with love and then we can look at others with love. This love creates a new way of relating to ourselves and with others.

Our souls are pure and radiant sparks of the Divine. They are energetically and collectively interconnected with everything. The light that is our soul is never changing; it is the aspect of ourselves which always offers truth and clarity. The energy that fuels our soul is love. As we connect to this love we begin to reconnect to the beautiful essence and gifts of our life journey.

Our Angels are magnificent helpers that commune with us. They know our soul’s intentions and how they powerfully impact everyone and everything. Our unique intentions impact an aspect of the whole, as we are intricately connected and needed. Our Angels understand our needs and how our individual needs are important links to the whole. They want to help us connect to our soul’s intentions, and as we do this they know we can more perfectly connect to the peace and love that is supposed to be part of our experiences here on earth.

We all have aspects of ourselves that we desire to hide, but do understand that within these parts of ourselves we can also find the treasures of our soul’s intention. As we take steps to face these aspects of darkness within, we can then nurture them with love rather than shame them, so that through this love they can be transformed into enlightened gifts for our journey. As we take this empowering step, we allow ourselves to more fully open to loving and honoring our journey as well as that of others.

Choose to open up to the truth and see past the surface.

It is time to choose to see the truth within ourselves and all that surrounds us. Through this truth, we can see that there is so much more to our life and our surroundings. As we purposely connect to truth we start to see the world differently.

In truth you take off the blinders and get to see the whole truth within yourself and others. Things change and instead of noticing the emotions on the surface you clearly recognize the driving forces behind the emotions. For example, instead of seeing anger you see the true causes of this anger as being pain and hurt; instead of greed you notice fear; instead of just sadness and sorrow you easily know there is more to the story. In truth, you know that we are all people with talents, passions, and with so much to offer. You come to understand that the faces that people show us don’t tell us the whole story, and by looking further into whom they are and where they have been, you can open up to the truth of whom they are with love. To connect to the whole story in truth awakens one to harmony, peace, and compassion.

We all clearly see what the Angels and the Divine see—that we are all doing the best we can with our unique talents and gifts, wounds and challenges, and fears and judgments. As the Angels help us through this process we come to eventually see clearly the Divine spark within ourselves and everyone we meet. By recognizing a person’s gifts and light within, we become healers. We become healers as we love and honor people where they are at, regardless of their journey and the false facets of themselves they choose to portray to the world.

Emily Rivera Andrews is a certified Angel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and an Angel Manifesting Master Practitioner. Emily shares techniques that have helped her become a Gifted Intuitive, Intuitive Channeler, Healer, Manifester, and Angel Communicator. To ask your Angels a question, visit

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