End on a Positive Note

By Maggie Batt

There is a lot of controversy over whether or not we will “be” here on earth after 12.12.12. The date is of much debate in itself, as some say the end of time will be 12.21.12, and others believe it’s 12.3.12. In any case, something dramatic and important is supposed to happen in this historic month of December 2012, which marks the end of the procession of the equinoxes.

At this time, there also are those who are stocking up on grains by the barrel believing that our crops are destined to perish through another dust storm like the one experienced in the 1920s. Some theorists say that we will have a pole shift, and yet others believe that all of the energy shifts will be spiritual in nature. What we theorize seems to stem from our faith—what we believe to be true, and what we expect to happen plays important roles in defining our global state of consciousness and attitude as we approach the end of a great era in time.

My favorite speculation is that the Goddess is returning to the planet. Native Americans believe that the “Phoenix is Rising.” The Earth Goddess is emerging, purging, and clearing the negative impact upon Her body and soul. Others envision a Goddess Light Energy from far, far, away arriving to help us heal the hatred, greed, and suffering that we are experiencing on this planet. Some believe that this arrival will be “alien” in nature, and those helpful beings will make themselves available to us at this critical time.

I believe that we are shifting to a time of great expansion and awareness, where we are becoming connected to all sides of ourselves.

This includes using the parts of the brain that enable us to envision clearly beyond the illusion of “maya” and see things for what they really are. As part of this evolution, we have the capacity to become more and more like the crystal and indigo children often labeled with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or as being autistic, those special beings who often can use the power of their mind to communicate telepathically.

As we go through this realization process, we need to be aware that all negative thoughts, emotions, and actions bring our vibrations down.

There is indeed an awareness sparking amongst most of us—an awareness that we create our own world, and that the more we focus on good things the more they occur. When we release, embrace, and open to becoming filled with love, it makes everything so much better. This is my faith, hope, and belief for the closing of the year 2012.

The Planetary Lineup

From an astrological perspective, we are coming into some interesting lineups as the year winds down. For instance, the planets of Orion’s belt are aligning with the Giza Pyramids on December 3rd. This may signify the chance of financial disasters. Will the banks fail?
There is another planet alignment that has to do with Ceres, akin to Demeter, the Goddess/planet of crops and abundance. This may be stimulating some of the projections around crop failures.

Given these happenings, preparations may be in order, but I recommend staying in a mind of preparedness rather than a state of utter fear. Look at the task as if you were preparing a hurricane/earthquake kit just in case. Stash that cash and have plenty of food on hand, but don’t sell off all of your belongs and head for the hills just yet.

There is no doubt that there are increased occurrences of earthquakes and other storm patterns. Just look at the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy, which was unseasonably late and unusually large, causing much devastation in states including New Jersey and New York. Remember that fear creates more fear that then resonates with Mother Earth. When we consider the concentration of population in the Northeast United States, the state of our current economy, and the whirlwind of negative campaigning around the presidential election, it makes one wonder whether a high volume of negative vibrations drew the weather pattern to that region.

Vote for the Goddess

As we see events such as this happen, it’s a signal to continue to follow the path of our higher selves. We must listen to our inner callings, and strive for a close relationship with our “self,” guides, or Source. The key is to stop and listen. To be extroverted and constantly moving is a masculine expression, which represents the general energies of our planet at this time. To shift into balance, we need to be more feminine in nature (yes, we all have both sides), develop intuition, and the capacity to be more introspective and compassionate.

It’s time to work together. If we have faith in a better planet, develop stronger global community, become more caring about our fellow humans, and establish a closer connection with Mother Earth, we can heal all that threatens to prevent the blossoming of a higher consciousness on our amazing planet. Let’s make the end of 2012 the beginning of a new era. Our dreams can become reality if they connect the love in our heart with the belief in a coming age of compassion and enlightenment. In the meantime, I plan to cast my vote for the return of the Goddess and the balance and harmony she can bring to us all. Let’s end this year on a positive note!

Reverend Maggie Batt is a spiritual and holistic health consultant, certified TriYoga® teacher, herbalist, Certified Advanced Kahuna ARCH® practitioner, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master, and a Certified Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher from the International Center for Reiki Training. She has been practicing and teaching her knowledge for 11 years. Maggie’s yoga teaching paths are Hatha Flow, Kundalini, Kids, Parent/Child, and Prenatal. Her other practices and studies include meditation, ear coning, flower essences, holistic health and natural medicine, feng shui, natural childbirth, natural mom counseling, and magic. In 2003, she was cast in “Health Cops: New Orleans.” for the Discovery Health Channel. She also appears as an alternative practitioner helping to change someone’s life in 12 weeks on the FitTV channel. For more information, email info@wheelsoflight.org or visit www.wheelsoflight.org.

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