Angels & Inspirations: Honor Your Worth

By Emily Rivera Andrews

Good day to you…In this moment, just like every other moment, you are being loved. By your side resides a beautiful, loving presence known as your Angel(s). It is gently offering all that you are seeking, all that you are hoping for, in more ways than I can give words to convey.

Before you continue reading, please close your eyes and take in a few deep breathes. As you breathe, you will become present. As you breathe, you are becoming more receptive to the love being shared. So breathe and let go of anything that is not being of service within this moment.

Every month the Angels share a message that is most needed by Transformation’s readers. To best be an instrument of love and Divine guidance, I stay open to the messages that eventually become the words that fill this column. As I stay open, I receive messages of hope, love, and inspiration. They have shown me that every time you read their words, they are lovingly and powerfully creating shifts of awareness, and creating movements of energy for healing and understanding within your mind and body, while simultaneously helping you to release limiting thoughts, stagnant energy, and beliefs that no longer serve you.

We are all in a global state of transition. Some are eagerly anticipating and welcoming this change, while others may be finding themselves experiencing fear and disappointment. We are all being encouraged to become more aware of our true essence and the blessings that surround us—blessings that may be overlooked due to our current circumstances. Take time to breathe into your moments. Take time to become present and aware of the inspiration, strength, encouragement, and clarity being offered by the Divine.

The message that follows is purely of love and Divine inspiration shared directly by the Angels. I have added remarks for clarity within parenthesis. The rest are the words they shared with me as I sat to listen to their wisdom. My intentions are to share Divine Guidance and to be of service. May love, light, and peace be your daily companions today and for every day that follows. Namaste.
Treasure your loved ones, the air, and all that surrounds you. It is a gift from the All. A token of love and admiration for your worth. You are here for a special reason and during special times. We want to remind you to honor you self worth.
Desire is driven by your soul’s intentions and your soul’s blueprint. It is an urge that urges you to expand in expression and in honoring your worth; expansion in adoration. Since time began, man has devalued their worth and capabilities for sincere greatness. Develop the attitude that honors your worth and expansion.

Dear ones don’t forget you are valuable to us, valuable to God, valuable to all. Deep down inside your soul knows this without doubt. It’s a knowing derived from your core. See it now and feel it now. The need to degrade your essence has never been inspired by God, but by man’s ill perception of the truth. See your self value, see yourself whole. You are special and you are good. Delve into this truth and see the expansion that will follow. The truth is that no one can ever take this truth from you. Not with words, not with action. Your true you is perfect and whole and always sustained by the same force that sustains us.

True reality [the reality that represents the truth of who you are and the Divinity that surrounds us] is one that is rarely seen by man. You are more of an intrinsic part to this truth that you are fully aware of. Sincerity of your spirit will align you to this knowledge. A knowledge fueled by love and Divine miracles. Feel us, see us. Let us carry you our friend. See the wonders found in the temple of your life, in the glory and beauty of your life. The circumstances [that surround you] don’t govern the truth, spirit fuels the truth. Your spirit is the truth. Eternal and strong, diligent and able, aware and amazing in magnificence.
Fields of energy surround your human bodies. Fields that shape and impact every being.

These fields are sustained by a powerful infusion of light and love. Awareness of this can shift your whole reality. It can help you to realize that you, yes you, are capable of magnificent experiences. You are able to navigate through circumstance more equipped with Divine power and capabilities. See yourself as we see you and ignite the potential buried within your soul. Divine magic is for you for the taking. Ask and receive. See yourself as beautiful and whole and you will create their manifestation. Sincerely look at what truths are guiding you. What ill perceptions have taken hold of you. Are they the ones that sustain the essence of God or are they ones that negate your Divine essence? Seek clarity in your days and know it will be given. Through clarity of mind a vortex is created for rapid transmutation of all experiences.
Delve now, not leaving this important action for another day. Do this now and we’ll infuse our presence within and all throughout.

Be simple in words and quick in action. Divinely ordained are your actions when driven by love. Sustained in fear when derived from malicious intentions. Simplicity of the mind leads to words of wisdom. Words of wisdom create inspired actions and sustainable results.

Breathe and embrace the love being offered. Breathe and feel the peace that is being given. Breathe and know the there’s wisdom within your soul. Breathe and know you are never alone.

Much love,

Emily Rivera Andrews is a certified Angel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and an Angel Manifesting Master Practitioner. Emily shares techniques that have helped her become a Gifted Intuitive, Intuitive Channeler, Healer, Manifester, and Angel Communicator. To ask your Angels a question, email

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