Developing a Conscious Business

By Gary Loper

Far too many times, too many people for too many reasons look for shortcuts to get where they want to go. If you were driving and selecting a route that saved time and expenses, that shortcut would be a good thing. However, we all have seen people in their relationships and business try to take shortcuts and wind up with more trouble than they could have imagined.

In both relationships and business, following a proven plan of success without cutting corners is vital to your long-term success. Moreover, creating your business in a consciousness model will set you apart from any other company that may provide similar offerings. All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those people they know, like, and trust, so let’s look at some steps that you can take to improve your odds of building more sustainable business relations in today’s evolving world.

Understand the Impact of Thought and Expression

In a world that serves up thousands of impressions to people daily, potential clients have countless choices of where to invest/spend their money. For your business to stand head and shoulders above the others, you need to understand the power of thought and expression. By considering and then practicing the following exercises, you will help to create an unequalled advantage with your customers and prospects:

  • Change your conversations to be more positive, both internally and externally.
  • The thoughts running through your head will make or break you, so concentrate on making sure they are uplifting.
  • Choose positive speech and a positive mindset.
  • Be mindful that your subconscious will manifest your most dominant thoughts and cannot differentiate between a negative or positive thought.
  • Whatever you give the most attention to will be attracted to you, so focus on what you want to achieve rather than worrying about possible failures.
  • When you catch a negative thought, replace it with at least six to 12 inspiring thoughts.

It’s so easy for negative thoughts from people around you to seep in and impact your reality.

Friends and family members who have lost their dreams will believe they are protecting you from their failures by offering discouraging words. However, what they actually are doing is crushing your inspiration. It is best to separate yourself from those dream stealers as fast as you can. In some cases, when you cannot bear to remove yourself from family, at the very least you must take responsibility for your dreams and protect them at all costs. With talking with people who cannot support your dreams, it is up to you to shift conversations away from plans and onto a more generic topic such as the kids, weather, sports, etc.

It is very important to surround yourself with “YES” energy people, those who can figure out how to get things accomplished.

For example, masterminding with positive people who have already accomplished what you desire to achieve will be an incredible advantage to your business success.

Tap the Power of Source

Your faith also is critical in your success. Know that you have experienced all you have in life so that you can better serve others which, in turn, will help you to create an even better life for yourself. Reconnect with your Source/Higher Power through prayer and meditation, not asking for results, but requesting to be directed in service toward others to take full advantage of your unique gifts and experiences.

When you recognize your own gifts and shift your thoughts of “getting” to “giving,” you will find a new level of confidence in yourself.

That will attract more people to you, which will give you a great number of experiences, and from those experiences you will produce positive results. In time, you will be ready to serve an even bigger audience and dream even bigger of what has yet to come. You will move ahead with certainty and confidence knowing that Source has your back and is directing you to serve the best way possible.

Leverage the Expertise of Others

Often, when a business begins to grow the do-it-yourself entrepreneur will drown in a sea of tasks that needs attention. Essentially, he or she has created a job rather a consciously inspired business.

In understanding your gifts and talents, you also will come to realize those tasks you do not do very well because when you are doing them it takes you away from the things that create a positive flow of energy and business. Surround yourself with people who play at the things you don’t like to do. Maybe it’s designing your website, bookkeeping, accounting, fulfillment, or even social media. Many pieces are needed to make your business thrive.

Failure to delegate uninspiring tasks to a team member will leave you without the motivation to pursue your dreams and customers.

Be Authentic

Also remember that every time you leave the office and engage others or speak on the phone you are representing your business’s services. The most valuable gift you can give your customers is yourself, being authentic in every way. We all can tell (or should be able to tell) when someone is not being himself or herself. For example, when people dress in a way that they were told would impress, but it is obvious that they are not themselves or comfortable in that attire.

When you speak, speak from your heart, not a script.

Focus on the needs of customers, listen intently to their words, and affirm their words back to them because we all have a deep need to be understood and validated. Zig Ziglar’s famous quote applies,

“You can get anything you want by helping others get what they want.”

When you have the mindset that you place the needs of others before your needs, you will receive in kind from unexpected people, at unexpected times. When we treat people as gifts and not as transactions, they will tell their friends about that positive experience, and you never know who those people know. There are many stories of a third- or fourth-generation referral that eventually found its way back to a conscious business owner and presented new opportunities beyond any expectations.

By applying these suggestions, you will be well on your way to a thriving conscious business, but only if you allow yourself to receive all that comes back to you. All of nature works on the universal law of giving and receiving. You cannot continually give without receiving—and still continue to thrive in business. Try to only exhale for more the 30 seconds; you’ll run out of air and have to inhale (receive) to exhale again. Being open to receiving a compliment, a favor and, most importantly, compensation for services will feed you and provide the energy you need to serve the world knowing that the natural cycles are in perfect working order.

In creating this conscious business model and serving and enhancing all the lives you touch, your dreams will come to life. Empower yourself to dream massive dreams, and remember that people with YES Energy flow in rapid rivers of abundance from which they can create more opportunities to serve the world.

Gary Loper is an inspirational speaker, social media expert, and life and business coach who has enthused and empowered individuals within all walks of life. He teaches his audience strategies and tactics to become successful, to produce and maintain positive solutions, to stay in a positive mindset, and to attract and manifest true wealth. Gary believes there should be an integrative approach to all things in life and business. With his diverse background in yoga, spiritual studies, healing modalities, and relationship building, he helps others to discover their gifts, develop confidence, and create better relationships with themselves and others in their lives. Visit Gary at or connect with on Twitter at

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