Children on the Leading Edge

By Brenda Renee’

With each new generation that is born, our species evolves to newer, more expansive planes of consciousness. We do not regress, we move forward with greater adaptability, increased desire, and swifter expansion toward the manifestation of our desires. These leading edge children are literally birthed to manifest and expand desires of previous generations.

Children, up to about the age of 9, are still predominantly connected to Source, unless they’ve entered an environment of extreme dysfunction. Adults often think of children as unwise, unseasoned, and incapable of what they call rational thought. However, children are allowing Source to flow through them unencumbered. Their knowledge, while may be not rationally deduced, holds much more truth and importance than many of the most famous intellects on the planet.  Although a child may not be able to communicate the reason they do and say things, their perspective is untainted.

Each new era brings into focus the polarity and eventually the balance of the age.
We’ve left behind the Piscean/Virgoan era of self-sacrifice/martyrdom/perfection to move into the Aquarian/Leo Age. Thus far, with our generation of young adults, we’ve witnessed an unsettled upheaval to overthrow existing, outmoded structures purely through a self-based desire. As we progress through this era, however, the true meaning of Aquarian/Leo energy will be expressed through a unique self expression that also uplifts and fuels the whole. The Me, Me, Me attitude will settle into a more balanced “We” mentality with the “I” as a valuable, individuated member who supports the whole.

Tips for Parenting Children on the Leading Edge:

1. Understand, Live and Teach Law of Attraction

As we move through life, we experience wanted and unwanted things. Within all of it, we modify our desires for even more improvement and satisfaction. Sometimes we exclaim our desires outwardly through intentions and prayer; other times, these desires remain silent. However, the Universe responds to these vibrational requests—spoken and unspoken—through the Law of Attraction*

The Law of Attraction is the most fundamental, core law of this Universe. Through the physics of energy, everything that exists is alive via molecular activity. It follows that everything contains a vibrational signature, and when these signatures are matched, manifestation occurs. Focused energy, combined with emotion, attracts similarly vibrating situations, events, and people. This law is unbiased in its manifestations. It does not matter if you give your attention to things wanted or unwanted, the Law of Attraction will bring you evidence of where your focus predominates.

With each successive generation, the energy of desire accelerates on the planet.

As the energy increases more and more rapidly, manifestations occur more swiftly. Also, any habitual negative, resistant thoughts and emotions block the desirable manifestations, replacing them with unwanted manifestations. As leading edge children are operating at a much higher frequency, their physical bodies are more susceptible to negative, resistant energy. If this type of energy is allowed to proliferate within the household, the child may succumb to all sorts of environmental and/or health related stresses. It isn’t that the child is more sensitive to the world’s evolution; the child can and will thrive in its environment—IF it is an emotionally healthy environment.

By first becoming aware of how your thoughts are creating your own reality, and then working to shift these patterns, you will serve as the greatest teacher to your child’s experience. Today’s children will not blindly follow orders. They require an explanation for how your expectations benefit them. Through your own example, you will teach your child how to observe and correlate his (or her) life via his own internal dialogue. Through the practical application of this law within your family, you will teach your child how to grow into a fully functioning adult who confidently manifests his life. There will no longer be a need to rebel because your child will feel empowered in knowing he can create his life deliberately.

2. Accept then Elevate Negative Emotions

We are each born with a direct link of communication to our Soul Self. That link exists via our emotions.

We have a broad range of emotions that each vibrate at different frequencies, from the lowest, resistant vibration of hopelessness to the highest vibration of appreciation. Each emotion determines the types of manifestations occurring in our lives. Thus, learning to shift our emotions, we actively shift our manifesting reality. By teaching our children how to work through and elevate their negative emotions, we give them leverage and empower them in their lives. Meditation is a simple tool to relax, ground, and soothe your child away from her resistance. Additionally, teaching your child to write a daily appreciation list will set up a pattern of joyful living for the rest of her life!

3. Accept and Honor Psychic Impressions

Psychic attunement to energy is simply being able to recognize energy before it is made manifest (through eyes, ears, taste, touch, smell). Intuitives, small children, and animals carry this knowing that is often unexplainable. However, as children grow up, their increasing maturity (and exposure to well- meaning adults) results in a hardened shell of resistance that blocks the natural flow of these delicate impressions.

As we consciously nurture and sustain our connection to our Soul Self through shifting resistant emotions, we reawaken and enhance these innate abilities.

Channels for these perceptions come through telepathic communications, clairvoyant visions, clairaudient sounds, and clairsentient feelings. Don’t be afraid to talk to your child about his psychic impressions. By giving validity to this inner knowing, you will further encourage your child’s direct communication with Source. On a mass level, the encouragement of these senses will eventually aid evolution to bypass fear based realities.

4. Respect and Cooperate with Nature

With our expanding technology taking us so dramatically and constantly into the cyber world, we lose touch with the naturalness of the planet and the universe. Nature is our purest connection to Source on this planet. Things untouched by man operate at a higher vibrational frequency. Thus, Nature carries the predominant elevated energy required to maintain the healthy functioning of our world. While domesticated animals continue to carry a higher frequency than many humans, they are still captive to their human counterpart’s influence. However, it is the undomesticated animals who provide the greatest benefit to the planet and humans.

From a very early age, expose your child to Nature. Teach him how to appreciate without “ownership”. Your child needs to know that even “wild” things carry value. Get your child involved in nature projects. This lifelong respect will aid the adult in making choices to preserve nature not only for aesthetics but from a very real understanding of the important contribution Nature makes.

By conscious, co-creative parenting, adults will provide a platform for leading edge children to effectively manifest their most expansive desires.

*Read Abraham Hicks’ Ask and It is Given for a full explanation of Law of Attraction.

Brenda Renee’ holds a Master’s Degree in Parapsychic Sciences through AIHT. She is a Holistic Life Coach who uses her refined Metaphysical talents such as: feng shui, astrological chart analysis, shamanism, aromatherapy, color therapy, automatic writing, creative visualization and nature therapy to achieve life altering results. Brenda is passionate in her quest of teaching others how to manifest their dreams.  For more information: or call 318-243-1343.

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