Angels & Inspirations: Our Life as the Rising and Setting of the Sun

By Emily Rivera Andrews

Our life unfolds as the rising and setting of the sun. It radiates its magnificence from dusk until dawn, touching lives and ridges known and unknown to us, giving life and strength to some, while beckoning others to grow through imposed discomfort. We too are unique like the day itself, expressing our light, our sunrise/sunset, our splendor.

As I recently sat on the rocks of Sedona, AZ, admiring the rising of the sun over the stone formations that so eloquently create the breath-taking views of this magical place, I was being shown the awe-inspiring views that our lives create as well. Just as I bore witness to this day, so too does the Divine witness, with admiration, the rising of our light, the enfoldment of our journey, the awe of our sunset. The Divine—with open eyes, excitement, and love—is present within the details of all of our journeys. We, as unique souls, are full of potential just like the sun. We engage our free will, minds, and bodies as best we can to guide the enfoldment of our rising and setting sun as represented in this life. We each have a unique opportunity in deciding how our sunrise begins and how we choose to allow our light to set.

In a typical day, the earth’s weather and natural processes can impact the visibility of the sun, thereby affecting how others witness and respond to its journey through the sky. The sun is like the light of our soul, unwavering and splendid. The sun (our soul) surpasses any storms and gray skies that might have appeared throughout this day (our life), and it continues to shine brightly.

There will be those individuals who, like the Divine, will celebrate and encourage the unfolding of our day, our life, our journey. There also will be those who, just like not so favorable weather, will consciously and unconsciously add clouds to our day. Just like each new day, we too are susceptible to being “clouded out” and subject to circumstances that may make our light hard to see, hard to connect to, and hard to experience. Regardless of the “atmospheric fluctuations” and challenges presented in our life, know our light continues to shine. Regardless of whether or not individuals take the time to notice our splendor, it is still there shining brightly.

Just as the sun may not fully consciously comprehend the extensive impact it has upon the earth’s inhabitants, most of us also fail to recognize how our light is significant and impacts the lives of many. For those who can grasp the potential value inherent in their life, while choosing to more consciously shine that light brightly as best they can, they will make themselves more available to offer the greatest contributions to this world.

Regardless of what has come our way, regardless of the clouds that have appeared, regardless of the rain that has fallen, each of our lives has a unique and special purpose if we can understand that every sunrise and sunset is magnificent. Every cycle of the sun includes the celebration of unlimited potentials within its day. Regardless of the environment, conditions, and external factors beyond the sun, the day is complete, powerful, essential, and perfect in its own unique way.

You also are of such value, of such unlimited potential, that you have the ability to create and enjoy a great experience. You personally are being offered unconditional love with the nourishment needed for your mind, body, and soul. Even if you can’t always recognize it, it is there, constant and enduring. The Divine holds you up, as it so powerfully holds the radiant sun above earth’s sky. Trust and know that, just like every sunset, you are a beautiful light to bear witness in this world. The Angels and the Divine (God) stay watchful and present as they lovingly admire the rising and setting of your light.

As the sun rises and sets, you can see the metaphor of your life. Wake up every day being reminded that you too have a powerful light to shine, share, and give. There are open spaces and individuals who will graciously receive its essence without much effort on your behalf, but there also will be those who will need the light you offer with more deliberate intent. Your soul, your light, is being guided in ways that go beyond human comprehension. Have faith that you will offer a splendid view for all of us to witness and that each soul offers no judgment and, even though skewed perceptions might make you feel otherwise, people inherently recognize the magnificence contained within each other.

So for this month consciously take time to celebrate your light, your rising, and look forward to the amazing views your sunset will be sharing with the world. The Divine joins you in this intention. Just like I applauded and rejoiced at the rising and setting of the sun over the Sedona rocks, so too do the Angels, Divine, and loved ones celebrate YOU!

Emily Rivera Andrews is a certified Angel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and an Angel Manifesting Master Practitioner. Emily shares techniques that have helped her become a Gifted Intuitive, Intuitive Channeler, Healer, Manifester, and Angel Communicator. To ask your Angels a question, attend one of Emily’s local events or email

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