Lifeline to the Angelic Realm

by Chris Waugh

Do you struggle trying to connect to angels, spirit guides, or archangels? Do you know what roles these angelic beings play in your life? If so, you are not alone, and there is a specific process you can use to access the angels and bring more joy into your life.

As a child, I was always taught to pray the following prayer to bring angels into my space for protection: “Angel of God, guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side, to light to guard, to rule and guide.” For some reason, this prayer didn’t work the promised magic to bring angels rushing to my side, and for many years after that my lifeline to angelic beings was to read a book or click the mouse doing research in an attempt to invoke their presence in my life quickly when in need.

Because of my inexperience on the journey to harmonize with angels, I wasn’t sure I was making a solid connection with prayers or reading angel books. Then I found the AngelLink™ process, and it became my lifeline for an accelerated connection to these sacred beings. Created in 1997 by The Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation in Sedona, AZ, AngelLink’s™ goal is to train spiritually compassionate people to provide an accelerated attunement face-to-face or via conference call. These highly evolved connections are described as bright lights, lit candles, or angelic flames. The facilitators, who are caring, compassionate souls, receive a special AngelLink™ attunement and, in turn, become a provider of these attunements for others.
Making the Connection

On a beautiful, sunny Monday I walked into The Chakra Center in Florida for my first attunement. I had just moved from Ohio, and it was Susan Allen, a Lightarian AngelLink™ facilitator and certified Reiki Master, who infused this angelic energy into my soul. It was my second encounter with Susan, who performed a personal healing on me with crystals and healing bowls in late 2011. It took less than ten seconds to personally connect with her twinkling angelic eyes, which pulled me into her special space.

Through the AngelLink™ process, Susan’s soft-spoken nature and angelic energy accelerated my connection to a seraphim angel called Seraph Rose Aura. From there, she continued with the series of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael.

Susan knew I had spent the past few years attempting to get to the bottom of my disconnection to life itself through several failed angelic spiritual encounters. I also had spent a lot of money on popular resources such Angels 101 and Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue. However, not one of the books I purchased provided the overwhelming connection that I would receive from Susan through the AngelLink™ process.

As part of my quest to achieve greater spiritual connection, I also knew I had to overcome a blocked heart chakra.

The first treatment, I was told, was to expand my capacity to experience true unconditional love. I was convinced that this wasn’t going to be a successful exercise, and I hoped that Susan was ready for her first failed connection. Luckily, I was wrong. Once Susan put me into a deep meditative state, she began speaking through Seraph Rose Aura as if she were sitting right behind her. I was filled with joy as I immediately felt tingling in my legs and feet. I felt like I was floating to the corner of the room, and I wasn’t the least bit scared.

As if a dam had just broken open, I was filled with so much joy I cried, big, heavy tears.

The tears wouldn’t stop, drenching my neck and shirt. I worried that Susan would stop the process to tend to my needs. However, the sacred space and divine energy she had cultivated wasn’t going to let that happen. She continued the process in her most graceful, loving way as this calming energy gifted me with a swift opening of my heart as deep as the ocean and as wide as the sky.

How it Works
Each of the AngelLink™ sessions is a process of deep meditative states that a master teacher facilitates. It’s in this meditative state that the recipient is connected to four more angelic realms:

1. Archangel Michael‘s realm is all about love. Visualize the symbol of a halo hovering above the crown chakra for a heightened experience of the self.
2. Archangel Gabriel’s connection is one of joy. Imagine a golden bow tied over the heart chakra for a heightened access to knowing and intuition.
3. Archangel Uriel’s plane is about angelic beauty. This archangel is all about a heart shaped box as a symbol for the purest reflection of “The One,” our prime creator. This link helps to stimulate our expression of beauty through creative activities.
4. Archangel Raphael’s connection is for courage with a focus on divine healing. The symbol is that of a torch, a torch of angelic light.

I know that without the gentle embrace of a facilitator’s energy field and these attunements, I may have never fully grasped the strong connections to these ministering spirits—God’s angels. Today, the angels appear to me through a gentle stroke on my arm or a simple caress to my neck or face. Because of the heightened awareness through the AngelLink™ experience these divine being come to my aid swiftly when I need them, and I now have a joy-filled lifeline to the angelic realm.

Chris Waugh is a freelance writer and blogger. Her fondness of metaphysics has launched her into an investigative journey through new science developments that are closely merging with spirituality. She attends seminars, workshops, and personally receives unique healing modalities as a means of exploring new methods to self-transformation. She writes about these experiences and shares sets of building blocks for self-discovery in her blog For more information about the AngelLink™ connection, contact Susan Allen at

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