Connecting with the Fairy Realm

By Brenda Renee’

Now that spring has fully awakened Mother Earth from her deep wintery sleep, the fey folk are busily working! Tree spirits unfurl their leafy cloaks; flower fairies paint delicate flower petals; gnomes have prepared soil for planting. In a triumphant re-birth over death, the world blossoms into vibrant Technicolor—thanks to the fairy folk.

Divine has a multi-tiered staff of helpers. The staff of fey folk goes by many names: fairies, wee folk, Elementals, good folk, and fair folk. The term “Elementals” is the larger order and indicates the true nature of this species of beings. In the natural world, we have four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. The elementals are imprinted with the qualities of their respective element, and they aid in balancing the planet. These beings hold ancient knowledge of their element’s mysteries.

Fire elementals are of the salamander species that live among all things fiery, including sunlight. They ignite and excite energies, especially the sexual desires. They inspire idealism and action. The watery element consists of water sprites and undine species.

These beings encourage emotions, artistic endeavors, and psychic realms. Water spirits assist in changes of consciousness. The earth elementals, characterized by gnomes, reside among rocks and inside the Earth. They stabilize and ground energies. Gnomes are expert teachers in creating forms from matter. Earth elementals carry wisdom of bodily maintenance and use of the five senses. The Air elementals consist of the winged Sylphs, which are masterful in areas of communication and thought processes. To most humans, the elementals go unnoticed; however, they leave their legacy wherever nature is enjoyed.

Fairies are very different than our preconceived ideas. Art work is mass generated with images of these beings appearing as childlike, sweet, and cuddly. However, their form is otherworldly and not quite as defined as the popular images portray. Typically, man personifies that which is not known or comprehended. Fairies are very ancient and very wise, and they are not particularly concerned with human affairs. Their primary focus is to tend the natural world. If respectfully approached, however, the fey will offer assistance to humans.

At the beginning of our fairy realm adventures, we will want to first open our mind to their true existence. There are many different realities that exist parallel to ours. When we step outside our five senses and cultivate our sixth psychic sense, we can open to these realms and the fantastical creatures living within them. Our sixth sense will teach us how to see with our inner eye, hear with our inner ear, and feel inside our skin.

Fairies resonate with child energy. Thus, contact with the fairy realm will require us to get in touch with our Inner Child. Next, we need to see them as equals and not underlings, meaning we need to treat them with the utmost respect—if we don’t want to be caught in their trickery! Remember tales of leprechauns who refuse to be caught? These beings are of a different realm with different laws, and we cannot impose our belief systems on them.

Making a Connection
Connecting with the Elemental world can take many different paths. You can find many clues into the fairy realm by reading fairytales. These fables hold mystical truths for those who read between the lines. Also, you may choose to work with a fairy tarot deck; however, I recommend these decks more for fairy connection rather than for divining purposes. The fairies enjoy trickery and fun, so readings may not be of the utmost accuracy. Also, keep in mind that there are both positive and negative in every species.

Invite the elementals into your environment by creating “elemental spaces.” Provide for all four of the elemental groups when creating these environments. Install a small water pond and circulate the water with a gurgling fountain. While friendly frogs (who are fairy messengers) gather at the water’s edge, undines will delight and frolic in this water source. An outdoor fire pit will be most enjoyed by dancing salamanders. Hang wind chimes, mobiles, and windsocks to harness the power of Sylphs. Scatter various rocks and natural crystal clusters outdoors. The gnome will charge the crystals to aid plant growth and attract beneficial energy to your home.

Encourage plant fairies by planting a fairy garden. Use dwarf plants such as: Irish moss, corsican mint, veronica subulata, candytuft, and thrift phlox. Plant flowers with bell and lantern blossoms like snowdrops, bluebells, foxglove, columbine, morning glories, and petunias. Herbs such as thyme and rosemary encourage fey, while basil attracts dragons. Blooming shrubs such as roses, gardenias, and hawthorn are also fairy favorites. Tree spirits found in birch trees provide doorways into the fairy realm, whereas apple trees are home to the mystical unicorn.

Decorate your garden with sparkly, colorful garden art and fey folk statuary to mark your deliberate intent for connection. Avoid harsh chemicals and go organic as much as possible. Remember, fey belong to the natural world, which means imperfect, unpredictable, and wild. The appearance of wildlife inhabitants will surely confirm your growing fairy population.

Once you have designed your outdoor areas, spend quality time there to directly experience the fairy folk. Peak times for fairy sightings are: sunrise and sunset (known as ‘tween times), May Day and Summer Solstice. Relax your normal visual and mental focus. If you notice flickers that race by or see small figures from the corner of your eye, acknowledge that you are opening to the fairy realm. Pay attention to sudden chills as gusty breezes whisk through hanging items and tree leaves. Allow faces and shapes to form in the contours and colors of plants. Listen for the sound of tinkling bells and laughter. The fey folk are all around—just waiting for you to recognize them!

Brenda Renee’ holds a Master’s Degree in Parapsychic Sciences through AIHT. She is a Holistic Life Coach who uses her refined Metaphysical talents such as: feng shui, astrological chart analysis, shamanism, aromatherapy, color therapy, tarot divining, and creative visualization to achieve life altering results. Brenda is passionate in her quest of teaching others how to manifest their dreams. For more information:

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