Connecting with Kryon

By Lee Carroll

Have you ever wondered if you’re a Lightworker or an “old soul?” Do you have questions about crop circles or life cycles? The entity Kryon, an interdimensional being who works with the ascended masters, may have the answers you are seeking. Channeled by Lee Carroll for the past 22 years, his words of wisdom are uplifting and positive. Below is a sample of some questions asked and answered through the years that may help you on your spiritual journey.

Question: My question is what is a Lightworker? Am I one?

Answer: We define Lightworker as any Human Being who has examined his own consciousness and has decided that there’s a divine part, and that it can be used to help both themselves and the earth. There’s no doctrine connected to this attribute or any organization around it.

Are you one? Let me ask you: Why would you ever write a question to a disembodied entity called Kryon, who very few believe exists, and who also claims to be an interdimensional worker from the Great Central Sun? That’s the kind of thing Lightworkers would do. [Smile].

Question: Dear Kryon: I have a question concerning the nature of the term “old soul.” You stated in one of the conferences that all time is now. That past, present, and future are all occurring at this moment. I happen to agree with that idea but, if that is the case, how could there be such a thing as an old soul, given that all of our lives, including this one, are occurring at the same moment? Wouldn’t that make us all old and new souls regardless of this lifetime, and therefore strip us of any need to place ourselves in a soul category? If one person is an “old” soul, and another a “new” soul, doesn’t that just imply separation and a soul caste system, instead of equality and unity? If you have any insight into this question, I’d appreciate it.

Answer: You already know the answer, and it’s semantics. On the other side of the veil, where all is seen as interdimensional, there’s no linear time. Therefore, you’re simply an eternal soul. On your side of the veil, you’re an old soul, since linearity is the way your life works.

As you read this, do you understand that you absolutely must see each word next to each other in a row to get the message? How limiting! Why not just take this paper and eat it so you have the whole message at the same time? The answer is obvious. You’re restricted in your perception, and it must come in a slow, limited, linear fashion and be done with your eyes and brain. This is why we must use linear terms to help you understand how this works in your reality. Further, are you aware that there’s no word in your language to indicate an object that has no beginning or end? If there were, we would have used it. So we say ancient or old to indicate wisdom and experience.

Those of you who wish to debate these kinds of things would be better to suppress the intellectual urge to discuss “chicken and egg” scenarios and instead go right for the gold: Become interdimensional so that the true answers make sense to you without ever asking about them on a piece of 2D paper.

Question: Dear Kryon: Would you please explain crop circles? What is their origin? What is their importance to humanity? How can we interpret the symbology? Is it connected with interdimensionality? We know that some of the crop circles are hoaxes, but many are not, especially the ones that are so mathematically complex that they defy common explanation. The question is, how are these crop circles created, and by whom?

Answer: I give you only this for now: (1) Definitely interdimensional. (2) From Humans, but from a different time. (3) The symbology is 12-based math. The messages are to help with peace on Earth. (4) Yes, many are hoaxes.

Question: Dear Kryon: How long does a human entity with this kind of mission [a Light Worker] have to go through these in-and-out lesson “cycles”? Is it possible to break this cycle somehow, and not have to return to lesson?

Answer: Do you see how completely this hides from you? Why would you wish to break a cycle of success? Why would you ask to be released from something as grand as what you came here for? All you see is the suffering and the cycle of apparent despair. You feel that you’re a victim, never understanding that this is the role you’re playing in the grand play of Earth… and that you’re in your sweet spot. You don’t see the whole picture. Some of you even see it as punishment!

Blessed is the Human who knows he is loved and that what he’s doing is making a difference for the planet, no matter what is before him. This is the one who says, “Bring it on, for all is well with my soul. I am the engineer of my own existence.”

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