Building Your Content Calendar

By Jowanna Daily

How to use quirky holidays and observances to promote your life coach business.

Marketing our life coach services can be stressful. It takes much work, and as small or solo businesses, we are always in a time crunch. Luckily, quirky holidays can help you strategically increase your business’ brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. 

Who Comes Up With Different Holidays?

Anyone can come up with an unofficial holiday. For instance, you can come up with a holiday based on your coaching business and subject matters that resonate with your audience. You can also sponsor (or pay for) a holiday. These holidays are usually created to shine a spotlight on a specific cause. Luckily, there will be many “national” and “international” holidays that align with your life coach business already, and you can take advantage of the celebrations that already exist—and use them to fill your 2022 content calendar. Here are some basic tips to follow as you build awareness around your holidays each month: 

Leave Gimmicks Aside: These holiday themes are fun, but they are not gimmicky. Make sure they have meaning, align to your brand, and connect. 

Don’t Forget Strategy: Pick holidays that help you reach your goals. You can use a theme that aligns with a month-long awareness, a week-long observance, and a day-long holiday within the same period. For instance: 

  • Run a month-long promotion aligned with a theme in the month. 
  • Plan a market funnel that advances on specific days. 
  • Spread brand awareness by showing your expertise in a particular niche.
  • Engage your social media followers with a themed-based quiz that allows you to find out more about their needs.

Less is More: It can be hard to decide what holidays to select; there are so many that you will connect with. Use these general guidelines: 

  • Pick one theme for the month. 
  • Make sure any week-long observance you pick aligns with that theme and don’t select more than one per week. 
  • Try to limit the single-day holidays that you include in your promotions to one per week.

Upcoming Considerations for Your Content Calendar

January Holidays and Observances

Client Appreciation 

  • Worldwide Rising Star Month 
  • National Thank Your Customers Week (January 2-8) 
  • Customer Service Day (January 17) 


  • National Thank You Month 
  • Celebration of Life Week (January 1-7) 
  • Thank God It’s Monday (January 3) 
  • Celebration of Life Day (January 22) 

Goals Success 

  • Commitment Day (January 1) 
  • Z Day (January 1) 
  • National Motivation and Inspiration Day (January 2) 
  • Work Harder Day (January 12) 
  • Make Your Dreams Come True Day (January 13) 
  • Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day (January 17) 
  • National “Just Do It” Day (January 24) 
  • A Room of One’s Own Day (January 25) 
  • Backward Day (January 31) 

Health and Wellness 

  • Family Fit Lifestyle Month 
  • Shape Up US Month 
  • National Staying Healthy Month 
  • Diet Resolution Week (January 1-7) 
  • National Lose Weight—Feel Great Week (January 2-8) 
  • National Keto Day (January 5)
  • National Gluten-Free Day (January 10) 
  • Healthy Weight, Healthy Look Day (January 13) 
  • Healthy Weight Week (January 16-22) 
  • Sugar Awareness Week (January 17-21) 


  • National Joygerm Day (January 8) 
  • Play God Day (January 9) 
  • Humanitarian Day (January 15) 
  • No Name-Calling Week (January 17-21) 
  • National Hugging Day (January 21) 
  • National Compliment Day (January 24) 

Life Balance/Self-Care 

  • Get a Balanced Life Month 
  • Get Organized Month 
  • International Quality of Life Month 
  • Organize Your Home Day (January 14) 
  • National Use Your Gift Card Day (January 15) 
  • National Nothing Day (January 16) 
  • National Geographic Day (January 27) 
  • National Escape Day (January 30) 

Life Purpose 

  • International Change Your Stars Month 
  • International Wayfinding Month 
  • National Vision Board Day (January 8)


  • Self-Love Month 
  • National Peculiar People Day (January 10) 
  • Daisy Day (January 28) 

February Holidays and Observances 

Goals Success 

  • National Time Management Month 
  • National Entrepreneurship Week (February 12-19, 2022 ) 

Health and Wellness 

  • National Fasting February 
  • National Fiber Focus Month 
  • National Goat Yoga Month 
  • National Grapefruit Month 
  • National Heart Healthy Month 
  • National Self Check Month 
  • National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week (February 13-19) 
  • National Women’s Heart Day (February 14)
  • Vegan Cuisine Month 


  • International Friendship Month 
  • National Laugh-Friendly Month 
  • National Mend a Broken Heart Month 
  • Pay a Compliment Day (February 6) 
  • Send a Card to a Friend Day (February 7) 
  • Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day (February 7) 
  • Make A Friend’s Day (February 11) 
  • National Shut-in Visitation Day (February 11) 
  • No One Eats Alone Day (February 11) 
  • Hug Day (February 12) 
  • Do a Grouch a Favor Day (February 16) 
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17) 
  • World Human Spirit Day (February 17) 
  • Be Humble Day (February 22) 

Life Purpose 

  • National Freedom Day (February 1) 
  • Laugh and Get Rich Day (February 8) 
  • National Entrepreneurship Week (February 12-19) 
  • Who Shall I Be Day (February 17) 


  • National Mend a Broken Heart Month 
  • National Weddings Month 
  • Relationship Wellness Month 
  • Solo Diners Eat Out Week (February 1-7) 
  • National Wedding Ring Day – February 3 
  • Pay a Compliment Day (February 6) 
  • Dump Your Significant Jerk Week (February 6-12) 
  • International Networking Week (February 7-11) 
  • National Marriage Week USA (February 7-14) 
  • Propose Day (February 8) 
  • Promise Day (February 11) 
  • Hug Day (February 12) 
  • National Freedom to Marry Day (February 12) 
  • Kiss Day (February 13) 
  • World Marriage Day (February 13, 2022) 
  • Celebration of Love Week (February 13-19) 
  • International Flirting Week (February 13-19) 
  • National Ferris Wheel Day (February 14) 
  • National Have a Heart Day (February 14) 
  • Valentine’s Day (February 14)


  • National Self Check Month 
  • Solo Diners Eat Out Week (February 1-7) 
  • Love Makes the World Go Round, but Laughter Keeps Us From Getting Dizzy Week (February 8-14) 
  • Read in the Bathtub Day (February 9) 
  • Satisfied Staying Single Day (February 11) 
  • Desperation Day (February 13) 
  • Madly In Love With Me Day (February 13) 
  • Self-Love Day (February 13) 
  • National Call-in Single Day (February 14) 
  • Love Reset Day (February 15) 
  • National Mend a Broken Heart Month 

Jowanna is a business and personal coach, consultant, freelance blogger, and personal brand photographer. Jowanna uses her 20-plus years of business, information technology, business analysis, and project management experience to serve solopreneurs, microbusinesses, and professionals through consulting, coaching, training, and workshops. She is also a freelance blogger who serves corporate and non-corporate clients. Visit her website at

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