Promptings, Dreams and Whisperings

By Linda Commito

Paying attention to messages can be a valuable part of our safety, well-being and connections to those we love.

Have you ever gotten a message, heard a voice in your head, had a dream, felt something in your gut . . . that prompted you to do or say something that you wouldn’t normally consider . . . but that you simply couldn’t ignore? Some people believe that angels sometimes express themselves through dreams or “whisperings.” I can attest to these messages, including the voice that told me to slow down and move into the next lane just as my tire blew, saving me from a major accident. I have learned to pay attention.

Sometimes a prompting or dream invites us to totally change our lives. A dear friend, Diana, was living in Wisconsin, when she had a dream to move to Columbus, Ohio. She did and within a month, she met a minister, who was to become her future husband, and she began a new life as a dream therapist. Another friend, Rachelle, who listens to inner promptings, decided to join the Peace Corps, celebrating her 60th birthday in Jordan. Later, a prompting took her on a journey to work at an orphanage in Ecuador and more recently to move to a challenged neighborhood of Chicago.

It is always validating to me when I get a message three times. When I was at loose ends, trying to decide where to live after having my life upended, I got three promptings in 24 hours that pointed to Colorado. Living in New England, it was a drastic decision to consider moving 2,000 miles away when I had never been further west than New York. Determined, I learned how to put up a two-woman tent in my backyard, picked up a friend’s sister and off we went in my Ford Pinto (the one with the exploding gas tank) for an amazing adventure. It was the best decision I could have made. I created a whole new way of life, eventually started a business, and still remember the funniest road trip I’ve ever taken!

Decades later, three different friends suggested a move to Florida, a place that I never would have considered. And here I am, happy and enjoying my life.

Oftentimes, I find that people whom I haven’t seen or heard from in a long time pop into my head, and I usually try to send a note or make a call to let them know I’m thinking about them. Sadly, as I’ve shared in a previous blog, I missed an opportunity to call a friend who passed away and I regret that. But this time the message was for my mom.

My mom had a dear, long-time friend, Lil, whom she had not heard from in a few years, and for some reason, Lil kept popping up in my mind. She had moved out of the area, and the number that my mom had for her was disconnected. Prompted by my own experience, I decided to contact my mom’s pastor to ask if he had Lil’s number. He didn’t, but gave me her daughter-in-law’s contact. Undeterred, I called and she gave me Lil’s phone number which I then gave to my mom. They had the most wonderful conversation, sharing how much they missed and loved each other and how they had been praying for one another. My mom and Lil were so happy. About 10 days later, my mom got a call from Pastor Gary. Lil had died in her sleep. Mom and I were both grateful that they had had a chance to connect and share their love and appreciation at just the right time. 

And sometimes whoever is in charge has a funny sense of humor. For years, I had been a vegetarian and once had a dream that I ate a big hamburger. I decided that it would be ok to have one this once and went out to dinner with a friend. The hamburger arrived and I cut it in half. As I went to get a bite, the hamburger literally flipped out of the bun and skidded across the floor. LOL! But I still had the other half. So, I proceeded to take a bite and my jaw locked. OK. Message taken.

I do believe we have so much information available to us beyond our five senses. Our wisdom, intuition, and understanding help us to pay attention to messages that could be a valuable part of our safety, well-being and connections to those we love. I’ve never regretted following my promptings, but only those I’ve chosen to ignore. During these strange and challenging times, it seems more important than ever to follow our promptings, acknowledge the signs, pay attention to our dreams, and tune in to our inner and outer guidance.

Many blessings to you and your loved ones.

Linda Commito, author, speaker, entrepreneur, consultant and teacher, is passionate about her vision to leave this world a kinder, more loving, and interconnected place. Linda’s award-winning book of inspirational stories, Love Is the New Currency, demonstrates how we can each make an extraordinary difference in the lives of others through simple acts of love and kindness. Her latest project, the card game Just Ask 1 2 3, was inspired by a desire to connect people of all different ages, beliefs and lifestyles to share our individuality and find commonality. Linda also created “Kindness Starts with Me,” a program, book and website for children. For more information visit or visit the Facebook page

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