Focus Within

By Arielle Giordano

“The tests we face in life’s journey are not to reveal our weaknesses but to help us discover our inner strengths. We can only know how strong we are when we strive and thrive beyond the challenges we face.”―Kemi Sogunle

Are you experiencing challenges and difficulties? Do you find it hard to overcome them and move forward?

A challenge is defined as something new and difficult that requires great effort and determination. When faced with such a scenario, most people spend a excessive amount of energy on fixing the problem or finding a solution.

But is that the best way to overcome and move through obstacles in life? Not necessarily. The true answer is to sit quietly and be okay with what life has presented to you; go into the depths of your heart and know that this is where you create your reality and all that is in it. What you generate from within you will bring into form. When you are in difficulty you become difficulty. When you are in joy, you become joy.

When something “big” happens, there are many forces pulling on you. You can let that energy distract you or use it to propel you to delve deeply within to find profound honesty and clarity. You have the ability to encompass great awareness through this process if you stay focused.

Focus with strength and intensity, but remain relaxed and trust your inner knowing. When we move from thinking to inner knowing we can find our true purpose. All that happens in your life is meant to help you grow—but you will not learn unless you are clear. You get to choose the direction of your awareness—within your heart center or scattered to the winds of the world. It is up to you.

“If you expect life to be easy, challenges will seem difficult. If you accept that challenges may occur, life will be easier.”―Rob Liano

Transformational Life Coach Award-Winning Author & Speaker, Professional Dancer. Arielle’s Award-Winning book for Best Self-Help Award: Dancing With Your Story From The Inside is available on Her professional career includes the Lead Faculty Area Chairperson and Professor for the College of Humanities, History and the Arts at the University of Phoenix. She is a published co-author of Transform Your Life Books 1 & 2 and author for Tampa Bay Wellness, Conscious Shift & Transformation magazine. She has published her 4th book, an Instructor’s Manual for Barlow Abnormal Psychology 4th ed. and authored Psychology, A Journey 3rd.ed. Study Guide published by Nelson Education, Toronto, ON. She has also studied philosophy at the College of Integrated Philosophy with John DeRuiter for twenty years. Arielle has been a featured guest on radio and television, in newspapers, and the media across the US and Canada. She is a certified Essentrics Stretch and Dance Instructor. Arielle offers coaching sessions, classes and workshops and a free 30-minute Consultation. Websites:, Email:

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