Find Your Way

By Gregg Sanderson

There’s Angels and Masters and Dear late Aunt Tillie.

All of this psychic stuff might sound pretty silly.

Still we know that there’s something, we cannot deny it.

But we’ll never know what, unless we just try it.

Some believe Angels are sent here to guide us.

Others see Spirits around and beside us.

Still more will converse with souls long departed

And channel some wisdom from when the world started.

There’s past lives and next lives and reincarnation,

The Secret, Sai Baba and manifestation.

New seekers and students don’t know where to start.

I’m happy to tell you. Just follow your heart.

Investigate, participate and see what feels right,

You’ll never go wrong if you look for the light.

“What light?” you ask. The white light of Truth

That tells you you’re wonderful. Let that be your proof.

You were made perfect, and then just forgot;

Beware of those who might tell you you’re not.

Some try to convince you that you’re not so great.

They’ll save you from Karma for a buck on their plate.

But that’s not the way the Universe works.

You’re already OK, so don’t feed those jerks.

God doesn’t make junk, you’re the best you can be.

You’re just caught in illusion, but you can get free.

Just open yourself to your inner direction

And look for the love, then make your selection.

Some find it in books, or classes or ritual.

Infinite variety, no one size will fit you all.

Explore the potpourri of Spiritual teaching

On your path to the enlightenment you’ll someday be reaching.

Go try what you like. You’ll never be trapped.

Remember, the Truth doesn’t care how it’s wrapped.

Gregg Sanderson is author of Spirit With A Smile, The World According To BOB. He is a licensed practitioner in the Centers for Spiritual Living, and a Certified Trainer for Infinite Possibilities. His earlier books were, What Ever Happened To Happily Ever After? and Split Happens—Easing The Pain Of Divorce. His latest project is the New Thought Global Network, where subscribers can enjoy the best in New Thought presentations from anywhere at any time. You can see it at

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