THE Most Important Question

By Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann

Experience more of what you want, feed a happy mind, and find solutions faster.


Before you even start reading this article, I’d like to encourage you to first STOP to consider THE most important question:






And, more specifically: What do you want to get out of this article?

Did you take a moment to answer this question? If so, I’m sending you a virtual high five right now!

If not, why not?

Did you know that you are 100 times more likely to experience and get to where you really want to go when you are clear about your desired destination? Yes, I know for sure that there are times you may not yet know exactly what you want or where you want to go, but rather than just wander the streets aimlessly, drive around in circles, or go shopping while wearing a blindfold, life is FAR more fun and rewarding when you consciously choose some kind of direction and start moving toward it.

Case in point: Social media and the Internet. With bazillions of bits and bytes bombarding your brain from virtually EVERY angle ALL day long, it’s far too easy to find yourself wondering why large blocks of time seemed to just vanish from your life or how you managed to land on a video about the mating habits of Galápagos marine iguanas! If simple exploration or learning about the love lives of reptiles was what you were truly after, then yay! But if you’d rather not run your train of thought off the rails and instead prefer to chug happily along into the sunset, ask THE most important question first:






Give the Monkey (mind) a Banana!

We humans are wired to move. We are movin’, groovin’ focusing machines that are always reaching for something. So when you’re rollin’ down the road or have boarded a train of thought that moves you toward something you want, this can definitely work in your favor. But, when the mind and body have not been given a focal point or target, all manner of mental (and physical) mayhem can ensue, which can and will lead you down some pretty crazy—or even dark—rabbit holes. The best fix? Give the monkey (mind) a banana by deciding in advance what you intend to focus upon next. I keep an “Onward, Upward & Forward” list handy that is filled with ideas for work/home/family/wellness/fun/etc., which makes it easy for me to choose my next productive-focused option.

While you don’t need (or want!) to plan every second of every day, if you have an intelligent, fast-moving mind that can go around the world in 8 seconds or less—especially at night when everything slows down—it is far better to be intentional than idle. So taking the time to…

àAsk THE most important question throughout your day: WDYW?

Followed by

àChoosing a related focal-point or action

…can be THE difference between a calm, clear, happy mental state or a monkey mind on speed!

From Problem to Solution
On another note, moving from being entrenched in a problem to realizing a solution can be far simpler than you think.

During some of the events in my recent past, I found myself reeling and scratching my head trying to figure out what to do next to help my family and keep some kind of forward motion alive in my life. I kept asking questions like, “What do I do now?” or “How can I fix this?” But, even with the best of intentions, I found myself getting more frustrated, heartbroken, and depleted with each passing day; no matter what I did, I was just not able to see a clear overall solution. Sure, I was making a lot of phone calls and taking tons of action, but I was, in fact, spending far more time spinning my wheels than making any real headway.

Yet, there was one ridiculously simple path I had not yet explored that had the power to change everything, and, fortunately, a very wise part of me knew I would not be able to see it until I allowed myself to step away from the fray. After spending some time in nature and getting some good rest, it finally hit me like a piano falling from the sky: I had not yet asked—or answered—THE most important question:






And when I discovered that I wanted a harmonious resolution that would…

àplace my mom in the caring hands of trained professionals who would advocate for her well-being

àgive my brother the best set-up possible for his treatments and best environment overall for helping him align with his well-being

àensure that “Prince” (their beloved pooch) would be loved and well-cared for no matter what

àallow my husband, John, and me to move forward joyfully and happily in our lives

…my actions and phone calls started actually producing RESULTS.

Is everything perfect at the time of this writing? Nope. But rather than marinating in the funk of problems and issues, John and I are again moving forward for the benefit of all involved. Who knew that one simple question could be THE most important step in moving from problem to solution!

Get Going!

Ready to move Onward, Upward and Forward toward greater health and well-being, better relationships, more career success, or truly helpful solutions?

Consider some of these ideas for common scenarios:

When going to the grocery store or dining out, WDYW?

àSomething general or more specific? If specific, WDYW?BTW…I often use the “lists” feature in my Alexa app on my phone or compose a text to myself to create lists in advance.

àTo spend only a certain amount of money? If so, how much?

àTo purchase/order food or drink that:

aenergizes you?
asupports a healthy lifestyle?
afeeds your soul?
aand/or is THE most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted?

àTo try something new this time?


When going out on a date/meeting other people, WDYW?

àTo find common ground?

àTo have and BE fun?

àTo communicate authentically?

àTo keep things more casual or get more intimate?

àTo focus on what you like about that person?

àTo be sure to listen to your Inner Compass and do what feels right for you?

àTo be home/complete your meeting by a certain time? If so, what is it?

When considering a new job/business/project/client, WDYW?

àA certain type of schedule that keeps your life in a healthy balance? If it applies, what specific days/times/number of hours would be ideal for you?

àAn ideal/target salary/profit you’d like to receive? If so, what is it?

àTo include certain aspects that you truly love? What are these aspects?

àWho/what type of individuals/personalities do you want to work with?

àWhat working location/s and conditions would be ideal?

When considering a new dwelling/home, WDYW?

àTo live in a specific city/town/village or more general area? If specific, where?

àA certain amount of living space? If so, what is it?

àTo be walking/biking/easy driving distance to parks, dining, shopping, your work, school?

àCertain aspects in the neighborhood?

àA view of something specific or more general?

àLow or no maintenance or a nice garden/yard/number of acres?

àA certain layout/setup?

aFree-standing home?

aPart of a community?

aA fab flat in an urban high-rise or historic building?

aDoes it have wheels?

aDoes it float?

aWould it be something different entirely?

àDoes it have certain special features? What are they?

NOTE…These lists are provided simply for the purpose of getting your wheels turning, because the buffet of life will provide you with infinite opportunities to ask and answer, “WDYW?”As an advocate for your forward motion, it is my intention to encourage you to ask for what you REALLY want, rather than just take what shows up or choose what others may want for you. This is YOUR life, friends, and you deserve to live on YOUR terms: Hence the emphasis upon “What Do YOU Want?”! And every time one more human remembers how to live authentically and fully—while continually moving forward in life—that person (aka YOU!) is an inspiration to all who cross their (your) path!

The Bottom Line: THE Most Important Question
Sometimes the most powerful solutions are also the simplest ones. While having access to more data, resources, and tools than ever before is one of the incredible gifts of living in the 21st century, do remember that every great journey still begins with the most basic premise: A reason to go.

As coaches, mentors, and people who care about people, it is especially helpful for us to ask for what we want, keep our “why” alive, and to be able to stay in a state of forward flow, for even though we may offer the best tools, program, or advice on the planet, we are far more effective with helping the ones we serve when WE walk the talk. And taking the time to ask yourself THE most important question each step along the way can and will set a precedent for clarity, focus and excellence that benefits ALL. So, on that note, here’s what I want:

I want to you (and other humans) to remember that you have the right to CHOOSE your direction.

I want to be a CATLAYST for good vibes, success, and forward motion.

I want to be a living EXAMPLE of love in action and CREATE things that amplify beauty in the world.

I want to keep the LIGHT of hope and possibility alive in my life – no matter what – and by so doing, remind others that:

àthere IS always a PATH onward, upward & forward (if you are open and willing to look for it)

àit IS Human-Nature to ENJOY the journey

àyou can live Life on FIRE.






Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann is a Visionary Creative & top-rated instructor, Law of Attraction & Allowing YOUR Success specialist, published author, speaker, singer-songwriter, recording & performing artist & composer, “Catalyst for Fab-YOU-lous” and true Renaissance Woman who has already helped over 10,000 students in over 130 countries allow success and live life on FIRE. She is deeply passionate about helping other Powerful Creatives and Leading-Edge Thinkers live unique, empowered lives on their terms by cultivating the courage to dream, to express themselves boldly & authentically, and to focus Onward, Upward and Forward into new possibilities.

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