7 Keys for Self-Care

By Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

How to make your life on Earth radiant.

As a spiritual being having a human experience, you have a dual nature. The first has been termed the transcendent source of consciousness (TSC), an awareness that pre-exists human birth. In scientific circles, the most common synonyms for this aspect are mind, consciousness or awareness. More spiritually or religiously oriented views use the words soul or spirit. Whatever name you give it, there’s ample evidence that an intelligent energy exists before conception and survives bodily death.

As the fetus develops, a second type of awareness forms, the brain-based consciousness (BBC.) This is the awareness associated with the physical brain’s activity. Its activity can be measured with sensitive instruments such as the EEG. The BBC is affected by nutritional factors, biochemistry, genetic influences, blood flow, blood sugar levels and other factors.

You need only read or watch the daily news to see examples of people whose BBC and TSC are not working together.

Esteemed scientists such Jenny Wade, Ph.D. and Ken Ring, Ph.D., say that the quality of your life is greatly affected by the degree to which the TSC and the BBC are entrained or working in harmony. Simply put, are the activities of your soul and body congruent? Can the spiritual and physical aspects communicate clearly with each other? Are they on the same page, so to speak?

This is not a new concept. The millennia-old science of yoga was developed to assist the body, mind and spirit to function with balance and efficiency. Ancient Greek thinkers recognized the intertwined nature of physical, mental and spiritual health. The Bible discussed celestial and terrestrial bodies, both with their own glory. Late nineteenth century chiropractic philosophers recognized the importance of connecting “man the physical with man the spiritual.”

That’s why it’s so important to optimally care for your body and mind. Physical and mental vibrancy allows the fullest expression of spirit. When the body and mind are healthy and in harmony, the soul’s wisdom can more easily shine through.

As discussed in my book Radiant Wellness, seven keys to optimal body/mind wellness include:

1. Renewal: rest, sleep and leisure. This is listed first for good reason. Sufficient rest is paramount for vitality and wellness.

2. Activity: this key includes stretching, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. You may be an infinite being of spirit/energy, but that is temporarily housed in a physical body that requires activity for optimal functioning. Honor this incarnation by caring for the vehicle that takes you from womb to tomb. It only takes a few hours a week to cover these bases. Just do it.

3. Diet: eat only pure, healthy water, food, and whole food supplements. Pay extra for chemical-free and non-GMO food—you’ll save money in the long run. Find local sources of sustainably and pasture-raised animals and plants. For supplements, avoid the cheaper kind that you find most everywhere. They are synthetic and made in laboratories. The nutrients in them never saw the light of day. I highly recommend whole food supplements.

4. Inner Cleanse: your body produces waste products on a regular basis and it encounters toxins daily. That’s why you must use inner cleanse strategies to remove these wastes and toxins. Four natural eliminative routes include regular bowel movements, urination, sweating and deep breathing. Also useful are saunas, massages, exercise, and detox programs.

5. Awareness: use centering practices on a regular basis so you can remember your true nature and make wise decisions about every aspect of your life. These include prayer, meditation, yoga, chanting, drumming, exercise, time in nature, gardening, serving others…basically, any activity that helps you quiet your mind and maintain a cosmic perspective.

6. Natural Care: Use time-tested natural healing approaches whenever possible versus drugs and surgery. These include specific chiropractic, acupuncture, cranial adjusting, massage, and nutritional healing. Nutrition Response Testing is the most powerful healing approach I’ve seen in over 40 years of helping tens of thousands of patients. You can find the closest practitioner to you by visiting www.unsinc.info.
7. Transcendence: Take time to remember that you are a spiritual/energetic being having a temporary human experience. Some ways to do this include the centering practices above as well as spending time with kindred spirits and spiritual study. I’ve found the following denominations to be especially enlightening and love-based: Unity, Unitarian-Universalist, Science of Mind, Centers for Positive Living, Religious Science, and United Church of Christ. All major religions have their more esoteric denominations, so find those if you are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.

By the way, the first letter of these seven keys spells the word “radiant.” That’s how your life on Earth can be. You are one with the Light right now and you came here to let your light shine brightly. You can best do that—no matter what your current circumstances—when you optimally care for your body/mind.

That’s when you can experience the greatest life you envisioned: a wonderful life fulfilling opportunities for service, adventure, growth and enjoyment. As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions about you and your loved ones so you all can enjoy exuberant health, happiness, and energy.

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC is an author, master’s clinical psychologist, holistic chiropractic physician, frequent media guest, and webinar/workshop facilitator. He directs The SoulPhone Foundation and founded Greater Reality Living Groups. Dr. Pitstick can help you know and show—no matter what is happening to or around you— that your earthly experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst forever. Visit http://www.SoulProof.com for free articles, newsletters and radio interviews with top consciousness experts.

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