Fall Out of Fear

By Arielle Giordano

The only power fear has is the power we give it.

Fall is a wonderful season. The weather is cooler and leaf colors are reminiscent of a beautiful painted landscape. It is a time of change.

The shift from summer to fall conjures a gentle, natural reminder of transition in our lives, and spending time in nature now encourages our connection with our deeper beingness. Nature tells us who we really are.

We can relax and just be in our bodies when we walk in nature. Take a stroll through the forest or a walk in the part: It’s an opportunity to enjoy watching the leaves turn colors and gracefully fall from the trees. Let each colorful leaf remind you that it is now time to let go of any long-term fears. You can be okay with any uneasiness leftover as you walk—but don’t hold onto it so tight that it stops you from being who you are and living life to your fullest potential.

When we are busy in our lives or at work, we often connect with fear on a personal level through the ego. We may worry about a variety of facets in everyday existence such relationships, career, finances and health and wellness. These concerns can impact us and stop our spiritual growth. They can cause stress, tension and fear.

Know in your heart that fear is not our natural state. Tell yourself fear is not real. There is only Love. Resonate with what you know deep inside, rather than what you feel coming to your from the external world. For the only power fear has is the power we give it! Whatever we feed and give energy to grows.

You can release stress and let go of fear by resting in your heart. You know that your fear is not serving you, and you can gently let it go. Relax your body. You can do this anywhere, any time, and all the time.

The only way out is through. You can step through your fear! You can go inside—into your deepest knowing—and sense that everything is okay exactly the way it is.

Transformational Life Coach Award-Winning Author & Speaker, Professional Dancer. Arielle’s Award-Winning book for Best Self-Help Award: Dancing With Your Story From The Inside is available on http://www.Amazon.com. Her professional career includes the Lead Faculty Area Chairperson and Professor for the College of Humanities, History and the Arts at the University of Phoenix. She is a published co-author of Transform Your Life Books 1 & 2 and author for Tampa Bay Wellness, Conscious Shift & Transformation magazine. She has published her 4th book, an Instructor’s Manual for Barlow Abnormal Psychology 4th ed. and authored Psychology, A Journey 3rd.ed. Study Guide published by Nelson Education, Toronto, ON. She has also studied philosophy at the College of Integrated Philosophy with John DeRuiter for twenty years. Arielle has been a featured guest on radio and television, in newspapers, and the media across the US and Canada. She is a certified Essentrics Stretch and Dance Instructor. Arielle offers coaching sessions, classes and workshops and a free 30-minute Consultation. Websites: http://www.dancingfromtheinsideout.com, http://www.ariellegiordano.com. Email: agbeautifuldance@gmail.com

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