Girlfriend Power

By Arielle Giordano

Now is the time to connect with your girlfriends’ love and support!

Did you ever wonder why you love being with your women friends?

It’s because when we are with our girlfriends, we share and keep each others secrets, bare our souls, boost confidence, care for each others young and inspire more of life’s adventures. Since the beginning of human cultures, women have bonded together for protection and mutual support, and, in the earliest of matriarchal civilizations, women danced with love for each other in the birthing and healing processes.

“Girlfriend Power” is now beginning to reveal secrets through new scientific discoveries! Our friendships not only protect us from life’s hardships, but also lower blood pressure, boost immunity and promote healing. This may even explain why women have lower rates of heart disease and higher life expectancies than men.

In times of stress—such as dealing with all the changes in the world today—women tend to be more social with their friends. (Men, on the other hand, tend to respond to stress with a “fight or flight” reaction, aggression or withdrawal.) Researchers believe that the hormone oxytocin is the elixir of health and well-being. For women, oxytocin levels rise after childbirth and when nursing. They also rise for women in times of isolation and stress, and, when the hormone interacts with estrogen, studies have shown that it impels women to seek the company and kinship of others.

Friendships invite comfort and lessen the ill effects of stress. There is a sense of well-being when we are with our girlfriends—even during the most difficult times in life. It’s time to enjoy and embrace a calming, warm, nurturing and loving exchange with our BFFs!

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