Internalize the Great News: You are a Forever Being

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By Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

In the third century B.C., Aristotle wrote: “Let us live as if we were immortal.” We can now state much more assuredly: “We are immortal. Let us live accordingly.” 

Last month, you learned evidence that strongly indicates—some would say irrefutably proves—that bodily death is not the end of life.  The question now is: How can you internalize and more deeply know this evidence so every aspect of your life is transformed? The process of internalizing this great news will vary for different people, but there are 11 recommendations that will help you on the journey. You also can find much more information for free at; look for specific article number references in the copy.

  1. Ask for Assistance

Sometimes getting what you want can be as simple as asking and staying alert. Just know that the answers may not appear when and how you expect. Who do you ask? Some people prefer getting assistance directly from G.O.D./the Light. Others are more comfortable with an intermediary such as saints, angels, guides, or master teachers. Still others believe that looking within is best. Since all life is one and interconnected, the distinctions between you and higher energy assistants may not be as great as you think. Why not cast as wide a net as possible and ask for help from all of the above?

How do you ask? Again, different strokes for different folks. Some people are more comfortable with prayer while others prefer setting an intention or saying affirmations. Do whatever feels most comfortable and right for you, or use a combination. Whomever and however you ask, do so consistently for 30 days to create a well-established habit. Send a message to universe that you want to more deeply know the death of your earthly body is not the end of life. Pray that you will always remember this, especially when grieving the bodily death of a beloved person or pet, or going through a very difficult challenge. Then stay alert for synchronicities and signs that arrive in various ways. Give thanks as you increasingly remember the bigger picture of life.

  1. Learn the Contemporary Evidence

In addition to the information presented in last month’s article, Learn the Evidence: Life Continues After Physical Death,” a beautiful summary of this data is provided by Willis Harmon Ph.D., emeritus professor at Stanford and president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. In Global Mind Change, Dr. Harmon stated: “Death appears less as an extinction than as an awakening to ‘where one was all along.’ At death, the center of awareness shifts from the physical to higher planes (with perhaps a period of confusion and/or sleepy restfulness in between.) We don’t go somewhere at death; we are already there. As this new view becomes real in our lives, fear of death disappears. We couldn’t not exist if we wanted to.”

  1. Release Needless Fear

Excessive fear can contribute to a variety of physical and emotional problems. How can you be truly happy and well if you are worried about dying? Really knowing that life continues after bodily death helps your time on this planet make more sense. Awakening to a greater reality view of life can help you live at sublime levels rarely reached when fear and misinformation predominate. When you reach the point of being very sure that all this is true, it becomes much easier to live on earth with peace, joy, clarity, empowerment and love.

Some people are concerned about ‘dark spirits’ or ‘evil forces.’ Good evidence suggests that, just as with those in human bodies, there are postmaterial Persons (PMPs) who act in evil ways  (article #47). Dying isn’t an immediate panacea that fully converts unevolved people into awakened beings. The personality and consciousness carry over as they continue to learn, grow and evolve.

Do not invite imbalanced energies or entities into your life, even as a parlor game. Remember who you are, live accordingly, and don’t spend any time thinking or worrying about this. Shield yourself with prayers and affirmations. Visualize a cocoon of white light that protects you and only lets in good and loving energies. Enjoying more time with people who are on a love and heart-centered path is another great way to release fear. Local and online Greater Reality Living groups provide places where people can share and grow in an evidence-based atmosphere that values and respects diversity.

  1. Liberate Yourself from Fear-Based Religious Teachings
    Many people have struggled with past religious, cultural and educational teachings that don’t make sense to them now. In the process, some experience varying degrees of guilt, fear, anxiety, confusion and anger. Religion is a positive influence for some, but it has driven others further away from wanting to learn more a greater reality or ‘afterlife.’

There are more than 10,000 religions in the world with more than 38,000 different cults, sects and denominations in Christianity alone. So, the stage is obviously set for differences of opinion. However, we all can win when we remember our interconnectedness and learn from one another. As the Dalai Lama said, “All traditions carry the same message: love, compassion, forgiveness, self-discipline and contentment.” Today’s more moderate and open-minded denominations recognize that holy books were written by fallible humans and have been changed over time. They know that these writings contain parables and symbolic teachings that were not meant to be taken literally. Their messages encourage focusing on the golden threads that run throughout all great religions including:

  • Love your neighbor and
  • Treat others the way they would like to be treated.
  • Serve others and share your unique gifts.
  • Know that you are one with and an integral part of Life Source and live accordingly.
  • Realize that death of the human body is not an end, just an entry point into the next phase of life.
  1. Heal Old Wounds
    Let’s face it, life on planet Earth can be very difficult at times. Many people have been physically, sexually or mentally abused. Nearly everyone has been the target of ridicule, bullying, judgment, prejudice, hatred or violence. These wounds can block us from opening to and internalizing new information.

Fortunately, there are time-tested ways to heal old wounds. Prayer and meditation are on our list for many different needs. There also are cathartic techniques for releasing old wounds and negative emotions. Native Americans had a unique method: they dug a hole in the ground, yelled their problems into it, then filled the hole back up. Emotions released, no drugs with potentially harmful side-effects, no therapy bills.

Be creative. To release blocked feelings and heal old wounds, hold a pillow over your mouth and scream. Use your hands or a whiffle ball bat to beat up a pillow. Trace your concerns in the sand by the water’s edge and watch the waves erase them. Write out your concerns since seeing those on paper makes them seem more clear and manageable. Then burn or tear up the paper. Service to others is another powerful way to transmute lower-energy emotions—pain, sadness, guilt, or discouragement—into joy, peace, love, enthusiasm and gratitude.

Whatever the cause of your wounds, adversity can make you better or bitter. What you focus upon is a moment-to-moment choice that can be monitored and upgraded. Whatever happened to you in the past, you can take action steps now to heal and transform yourself.

  1. Fine-Tune your Body and Mind
    It’s difficult to really know and demonstrate that you are a timeless being of energy when you are chronically and/or significantly in pain, depressed, anxious or ill. Holistically revitalizing yourself is one key to deeply internalizing the great news of your eternal nature. (articles #12, 32, 37, 43, 54).

It’s easier to think, speak and act optimally when you are truly well and balanced. Why is that so important? A verse from The Dhammapada, a collection of Buddhist teachings, stated: “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thoughts, we make the world. Speak and act with an impure mind, and trouble will follow you as the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart. Speak or act with a pure mind, and happiness will follow you as your shadow—unshakable.”

  1. Love, Accept and Forgive Yourself
    Some people inwardly dislike or even hate themselves. They feel that they are unlovable, undeserving of a great life and worthy of punishment. Self-loathing is learned from family, schoolmates, churches or other sources that focus on fear, guilt, and negativity.

Bernie Siegel M.D., suggests a simple solution for this: Put baby pictures of yourself where you’ll see them each day. When you start to condemn yourself, look at those photos. Take a moment to remember that you and everyone else are precious and parts of All That Is. Doing this may also remind you that, much like a child who must learn to walk, you and they are still evolving.

There are many forks along the road of life and sometimes it’s not at all clear which one to take. It’s often easier to look back and see the better choice. However, judging yourself harshly and excessively focusing on what you could have done differently serves no one (article #40).

  1. Stay Focused and Grateful When a STE Occurs
    A spiritually transformative experience (STE) deepens your knowing about life’s bigger picture. STEs have been triggered by: near-death experience, bodily death of a loved one, out of body experience, after-death communication, synchronicity experience, childbirth, mystical or revelatory experience, evidential medium session, shared-death experience, precognitive incident, intuitive event, exposure to violence, deep feelings of love, loss of money or health, listening to music, and a unitive moment in nature (article #17).

The saying, “The teacher appears when the student is ready,” is apropos here. Each moment offers a new opportunity to awaken to the great news that life, despite outward change, doesn’t end. Whatever triggers your STE, it’s important to stay relaxed and focused afterward. Express gratitude for the sign, synchronicity or experience that deepened your expanded awareness.

  1. Upgrade and Balance Your Energy
    Your emotions directly affect the quality of your life. Is your energy mostly high and positive with lots of love, peace, joy, gratitude and enthusiasm? Or is it lower and negative much of the time with hatred, anger, hopelessness, resentment and guilt?

You can upgrade both the quality and quantity of your energy. And that, in turn, greatly affects how you think, feel, look and function. As mentioned, centering practices such as meditation, prayer, yoga and time in nature are powerful ways to remember who you are and how best to live. It’s also important to learn lessons from the past, but don’t spend too much time and energy rehashing what could have, would have or should have been. Express gratitude for the experiences, memories and lessons. Then make a commitment to learn from them, improve your life, and help others. Here are four simple concepts that can help in the process:

  • Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.
  • Be grateful for the many blessings in your life instead of bemoaning the few bad parts.
  • Ask your inner wisdom/Higher Power how you can upgrade your pain and loss into loving service and a happier life. Then take actions steps.
  • Look for the silver linings in life’s dark clouds.

Remember: Where your attention goes, your energy flows.  My Holistic Breathing Technique (article #24) is the most powerful way I know to heal old wounds, release lower energy emotions, and upgrade/balance yourself.

  1. Get Bigger Eyes

To internalize the great news that life is eternal, expand your awareness. Learn the evidence. Let yourself believe in the data. Look, hear and feel beyond what you usually perceive.

Don Hoffman Ph.D., author of Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See, explains that we don’t really see reality; we see what we have been trained to see, and what we need to see to survive. This scientific fact highlights the importance of expanding your perception of the greater reality. For now, remember to get bigger eyes, share your highest visions with others, and live accordingly. This simple formula is humanity’s greatest hope for many people and our world.

  1. Use the A.R.T. Technique

Many people have been trained to selectively focus on the negative, but we can learn a different way to respond when confronted with challenges and disappointments. The A.R.T. technique works well for any type of loss: when a loved one passes on, relationship ends, financial downturns, broken dreams and physical injury or illness  (article #41).

Here’s the formula: A = Appreciate; R = Realize; T =Transform. Let’s look at how you can use it when a loved one passes from our world:

A = Appreciation for all your wonderful times together and great memories. Whenever you catch yourself thinking about his or her illness, accident, dying or apparent absence, inwardly say “STOP!” Then shift to a precious memory from the past and feel gratitude for good times.

R = Realize your post-material dear ones are, or soon will be, having a wonderful experience full of love, peace, joy, gratitude, hope and enthusiasm. In addition, realize that you will see each other again after your bodily death—and maybe even before that.

T = Transform yourself and our world by choosing a higher energy path of serving others, creating more meaning and finding the silver linings.

You can survive and even thrive through all of life’s changes and challenges with style. And you are not alone in this endeavor. Reach out to caring people who are willing to help you find the high road and stay on it.

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC is an author, master’s clinical psychologist, holistic chiropractic physician, frequent media guest, and webinar/workshop facilitator. He directs The SoulPhone Foundation and founded Greater Reality Living Groups. Dr. Pitstick can help you know and show—no matter what is happening to or around you— that your earthly experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst forever. Visit for free articles, newsletters and radio interviews with top consciousness experts.

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