Chase Your Dream

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Saksham Gangwar

By Dr. Bryan Hawley

It’s time to find the gift or message deep within you and share it with the world.

I see so many questions posted in social forums regarding making money and searching for the means to make a living doing what you long to do. Many people are feeling the pull to follow their heart and passion and become creators who inspire and help others. But those same people are scared to move forward because they don’t know if they can survive financially. Some may even end up creating fabulous courses and videos that are truly enlightening and inspiring—but they don’t put them out in the public domain because they fear rejection, ridicule or financial failure.

The real problem is that most of these individuals are working from a “lack of” mentality rather than an “abundance” mentality. Moreover, they are not living (and thus not creating) from the present because they are worried about generating income from work, or not being able to charge enough, or get any clients. In other words, this is projecting to the future from a place of fear about things that may or may not even happen. Some are also worried about what others will say or think about their new passion. This is living in the past and conjuring up old emotions and memories of being ridiculed, including self-doubt and how they felt as a child or younger person.

This is where most people’s hopes and dreams stop due to fear of the unknown—especially when it comes to making money by following your dreams.

This brings me to a story about two Hindu goddesses: Lakshmi and Saraswati. There are many versions of this tale, but this is the one I find most applicable to my point.

Lakshmi (aka Shri) is the goddess of wealth, power, fortune, beauty, grace and charm. She also grants worldly prosperity and well-being. Her sister Saraswati is known as the goddess of knowledge, devotion, speech and study.

It is said that men (and women) always lust after Lakshmi and chase her for her wealth and beauty in hopes she will favor them. Many seek her over Saraswati and don’t follow their heart’s passion. The problem is Lakshmi is very elusive and it’s hard to catch her favor. Therefore, most who chase after her fall short and never find the fame and fortunes that they seek.

However, those who set their sights upon Saraswati first and chase knowledge will make Lakshmi very jealous and cause her to chase after them. As a result, they will never have to worry about money, fame or fortune the rest of their lives. It will follow them!

The current world population is approaching 8 billion. That is 8 billion incarnated souls who have a unique dharma (life goal) that is vital to humanity at this time and in this place. You have this gift or message deep within you. One of my early mentors, the late Wayne Dyer said, “Don’t die with your music still in you.”

You came here with a purpose and a message that only you can deliver to the world at this particular time. If you feel an inner pulling to now finally let it out and go for your dreams, follow it and trust in the universe and in your higher Self. Things will show up in your life (they are doing so now if you look hard enough): synchronicities, courses, webinars, people, pages, calls, social posts and a host of other “little helpers” that you can use to follow your dreams. Maybe this short article is even such a reminder you.

Which sister are you chasing after?

Dr. Bryan is a published author, national speaker, and personal growth consultant. He also owns an online digital marketing agency and has created a simple online course on digital marketing to help other coaches, and authors break out into the world and reach audiences. You can find out more on his website or email directly at

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