Celebrate the Goddess of Love

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Amelia Bartlett

By Arielle Giordano

Unconditional love is love without boundaries, limitations and expectations.

The goddess Aphrodite/Venus is the goddess of love, sensuality, sexuality and beauty in mythology and ancient cultures. She is everywhere in history, art, statues, music and songs. She represents the quality of love that begins with openness and softness in our hearts. She reminds us to surrender to the tenderness of being love, and we know deep inside that love is the most powerful human emotion.

One of my favorite movies is “The Matrix” because it demonstrates the power of love when Neo (the main character) is saved from death by a kiss of love.

Psychologist and social philosopher Erich Fromm defines self-love as loving oneself without being arrogant, conceited or egocentric. He also proposes that self-love means caring about oneself, taking responsibility, respecting oneself and knowing oneself (e.g., being realistic and honest about one’s strengths and weaknesses) Conditional love, on the otherhand, is defined as having requirements such as needing, doing, wanting or getting something from oneself or a another.

Unconditional love is love without boundaries, limitations and expectations; it is accepting the “self” we have no matter what and at all costs. We may not like or feel good about our personality, habits, choices, patterns, strengths, weaknesses, etc., but when we overcome negativity and self-talk and shift the way we think and feel, we know and see ourselves in a new light. Openness and softness of heart and acceptance knows a deeper presence, a deeper Beingness of love. Being love happens when we get out of our own way and begin to see ourselves as love. It is an eternal outpouring of the love of what we are as eternal beings. Love and kindness put the Beingness in being human.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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