A Valentine’s Day Tribute

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By Gregg Sanderson

“Love is the ability and willingness to allow those you care for to be what they choose for themselves, without any insistence that they satisfy you.”—Wayne Dyer

The heart of February is Valentines Day, and since “Valentine” rhymes with “Patsy Cline,” I deem it appropriate to stretch poetic license to the max and offer this tribute to her talent, if not to her message.

For the uninitiated, Patsy Cline was one of the greatest female vocalists of all time, whose life ended suddenly in 1963. Those of us who look upon country music from a less-than-snobbish vantage enjoy her music to this day.

Her hits were mostly love songs—sad ones. Her ideas of love and need were common then, but hopefully we’ve learned a little since.

Maybe not.

Once there was a friend of mine

Who learned of love from Patsy Cline.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every song

That Patsy ever recorded.

But I’d be Crazy, you see, to apply them to me.

The wheat and the chaff must be sorted.

Patsy decreed that love is like need

And without you there goes my bliss.

So if you should leave, I’ll probably grieve

And Fall to Pieces over all that I miss.

While Walkin’ After Midnight, one day I decided

Attachment doesn’t work. I know because I tried it.

I beg and I whine ‘til you say you’ll be mine

Then you’d better not go on a spree.

I’ll rant and I’ll rave to make you behave

Because now You Belong To Me.

We can argue all night about which one is right.

That’s How A Heartache Begins.

This need for assurance can test our endurance.

No matter who’s right, no one wins.

Have You Ever Been Lonely? We all have, no doubt.

It just doesn’t matter who’s first to walk out.

Dumper or dumpee, this message we send:

Lonely Street always winds up a dead end.

I suffer if I find you’ve got Leavin’ on Your Mind.

And that you might up and run away.

But my sadness finds support when I can go hold court

At the Misery Loves Company Café

(That’s not a Patsy tune. It’s a Gordon Ellis hit.

I just thought I’d throw it in. It’s such a perfect fit.)

Faded Love is very sad.

Your Cheatin’ Heart just makes me mad.

I Love You So Much It Hurts Me.

I’ll spend Seven Lonely Days

Hoping that you change your ways

And wondering why my happiness deserts me.

Instead of a soul mate I’ll take any ol’ mate

And “needy” is what I project.

To someone who’s whole, with a 10-foot pole

They wouldn’t touch me, I suspect.

When I focus on my need as those country songs decreed

True Love is not what I’m feeling.

Anytime I’m feeling low I remember what I know:

Love’s different, and much more appealing.

I know I’m complete. I don’t have to meet

Someone to fill up the empty.

I guess it sounds sappy, but I can be happy

And enjoy ALL that’s put here to tempt me.

Don’t make me laugh. My “other half”

Has nothing to do with a spouse.

I make sure I’ve got ‘em, both top and the bottom

Before I walk out of the house.

So let’s hoist one to Patsy and leave it at that. See?

And not take her message to heart.

When we make need a preference and Love is our reference

We know that we’ve won from the start.

Gregg Sanderson is author of Spirit With A Smile, The World According To BOB. He is a licensed practitioner in the Centers for Spiritual Living, and a Certified Trainer for Infinite Possibilities. His earlier books were, What Ever Happened To Happily Ever After? and Split Happens—Easing The Pain Of Divorce. His latest project is the New Thought Global Network, where subscribers can enjoy the best in New Thought presentations from anywhere at any time. You can see it at http://www.newthoughtglobal.org.

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