The Path to Freedom

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Caroline Hernandez

By Keke Morgan

Healing is a daily process and a daily choice that we can make.

This little girl is six years old, living in the beautiful, sunny state of Florida. She is graduating kindergarten today, and in the graduation program she’s singing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” She’s smiling in the picture, but she’s thinking God can’t possibly have me in his hands…

She’s terrified of going home because she resides with a monster…One who physically abuses her, verbally makes her feel inhuman, and sexually assaults her…

It’s a family member with whom she lives. This little girl already, at six years old, feels worthless, not worthy of love or protection. It is here she learns not to value family, that she is alone. She fears life because she thinks this is what life is all about, so at only six she’d rather die…

This little girl endures the abuse for two years and finally gathers the courage to tell her parents after relocating to another home in another state 16 hours away from her abuser. While one parent believed her, the other blamed her and called her a liar. Nothing ever happened to the perpetrator; in fact, he’s still to this day considered a part of her family. Later in life, the parent who initially believed her will go on to blame her as well.

This little girl learned very quickly she is alone and protection just isn’t an option for her, so whenever anything else happened to her she kept silent and “just took it.”

She grows up through adolescence struggling with depression, anxiety and feeling complete darkness. During this time, she wants to die and even attempts suicide a few times.

She grew into adulthood carrying all her trauma with her, through her marriage straight into her parenting. As an adult, she carried this little girl inside of her daily, continuously living in fear with anxiety and depression—silently.

Working, smiling, looking “happy” on the outside, she’d perfected the art of the appearance of “happy”—and lived like this for years.

Yes, this little girl is me: Keke Morgan.

One day I decided this couldn’t be all there is to life! This cannot be how I’m suppose to feel, or how I’m supposed to live the rest of my days on this Earth…

So I decided to re-parent the little girl living inside of me. It began with me first acknowledging the little abused girl was still there and a very prevalent part of me. I begin to tell her positive affirmations everyday—all the things a little girl would need to hear. I reassured her that the things that happened to her were not her fault and nothing she had done warranted this abuse happening to her.

I did not wear the wrong thing, look the wrong way, sit too close, I did not “ask for it.” I forgave myself for all bad decisions I made when I was broken and did not know my worth. I did this and continue to do this daily.

I then begin to ask God to bring to remembrance all the things I had buried in a sealed box deep down inside me. I found yoga and meditation. I was taught through religion that prayer is always the answer, but I’ve since learned that prayer is when you speak and God listens; meditation is when God speaks and you listen. And there are steps to healing, not just prayers…

I dedicated quiet time to listen, and God revealed all that I had hidden so that I could face it head on. There are times in meditation sessions that it’s nothing but stillness, and that’s comforting to me as a person who suffers with anxiety. My mind seemed like it was always racing or filled with tears, screams and immense pain as the memories came flooding back.

Sometimes I can’t even believe that this is my own life. I would view it as if it was happening to someone else. However, I came to understand that removing myself was a bad coping mechanism I had learned years ago to survive.

While going through this process daily, I started to feel like there is purpose here! “I have a lot to offer.” I started to think, “I know I’m not the only one.” And I began to educate myself. I became a yoga Instructor, and it helped me so much on my journey to healing that I wanted to offer that help to others.

Then I found Transformation Academy Life Coaching courses! I dove right into the Master Class, and it flooded me with so much valuable information and many, many helpful tools! I decided to life coach myself first. I know the tools work because I’ve used them myself and continue to use them daily. Healing is a daily process and a daily choice, and this program equipped with me with the information I needed to make the right choices everyday. Now I make it my mission to help others take the proper steps to heal and make the right choices daily. It’s not to survive, it’s to LIVE and flourish.

Keke Morgan is a wife of 16 years, mother of three, licensed Realtor, certified yoga instructor, and certified Master Life Coach. With her exciting and vibrant personality, Keke encompasses the ability to interact and effectively communicate with others. Overcoming her own trauma of physical and sexual abuse has given her a unique approach and outlook on life. Keke possesses great leadership skills and is called to serve others, whether it’s finding their dream home, guiding them through overcoming pain and trauma, pursuing their passion, or unlocking their peace, power and purpose. Contact Keke at

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