SHAZAM! Be Here Now

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By Gregg Sanderson

When you keep your consciousness on the present moment, the past can be a memory—but no longer your driving force.

Be here now…That’s the advice we’re always given when change is upon us, but what the heck does that really mean? It’s like, “Develop your personality,” an almost useless phrase by itself.

Often we dwell upon times in the past when we were happier (sadder), more (less) successful, or with (without) a particular person. Circumstances change, but our minds remain back there, and since that’s where our thoughts are, that’s what we create …again.

That right—same old, same old.

To “be here now” means to keep your consciousness on the present moment. Let the past be a memory, but no longer your driving force. Yet, it’s easy to lapse back into guilt or worry and distort your creative power.

When I find myself caught up in such situations, I have a simple method that works for me. I use SHAZAM. Here’s how:

Think of something from your past you feel bad about.

Look around you right now.

Quick! Find something to appreciate.

SHAZAM! You’re in the moment.

Think of something in the future you’re worried about.

Look around you right now.

Quick! Find something to appreciate.

SHAZAM! You’re in the moment.

Incidentally, the word SHAZAM! is the magic word that transforms an ordinary person into a superhero. When little Billy Batson spoke it in the comic book, a bolt of lightning transformed him into the mighty Captain Marvel. I find it a convenient metaphor.

Whenever I’m faced with a problem or obstacle, I can say SHAZAM! Quick as lightning I connect with BOB (Being of Bliss)* and become the superhero that can solve any problem and conquer any limitation. I may not fly off and fight bad guys, but I can surely get the instant inspiration I need or help from BOB to move along. Remember, thoughts become things.


*The Force we call BOB (Being of Bliss) is exactly that—a Force—a Power, but definitely not a person. Ever so much more, Its composition is Mind, Feeling, and Stuff. It entertains Itself by messing with Its stuff to create the realm (dimension) of Space and Time.

You don’t believe SHAZAM!? OK, then it won’t work for you. What do you think will?

Don’t Worry About Worrying

Worry is the direct opposite of justassoonas, only we anticipate disaster instead of delight. The difference is that fear is usually stronger than hope, and BOB is standing by waiting to bop us with a YES! Remember Biblical Job: “That which I have feared the most has come upon me.”

Some people I know are “professional worriers.” They constantly worry about some awful thing about to happen to them, and it often does.

I worked in an office once with one such person. Her life was a move from one disaster to another. Her car got broken into, as did her house at a different time. When she tried to do anything at all, she was so worried about making a mistake that it took her twice as long—and still the results were amazingly inept. One time when most of the people were in a company meeting, she came into my office upset that nobody was there. She thought it was a bomb scare.

The poor thing didn’t work there very long, but we often remarked about what a sad example she was of the truth of the statement, “Thoughts become things.” It’s as if she came with her own personal rain cloud.

Another individual I know often worries so about his plans working out perfectly that he covers all the bases in triplicate…and still runs into extraordinary difficulty as he moves through his drama.

The key is to trust. BOB doesn’t want to create disaster for anyone. People do that well enough on their own. On the contrary, BOB wants to have fun through us, and It always sets us up to win.

Remember, BOB’s only emotion is Love, and part of the game is to express the Love of BOB. Naturally, It will always arrange things to honor our requests in the best possible way.

The problem is people don’t know this, so they regularly choose to lose as they try to arrange things without trusting BOB.

BOB has motive, means, and opportunity. It has the motive to experience fun and winning. Since everything is made out of BOB and It has to power to manipulate everything, It naturally has the means, and since it’s always now, It always has the opportunity. So what’s not to trust?


Let go and let BOB.

Gregg Sanderson is author of Spirit With A Smile, The World According To BOB. He is a licensed practitioner in the Centers for Spiritual Living, and a Certified Trainer for Infinite Possibilities. His earlier books were, What Ever Happened To Happily Ever After? and Split Happens—Easing The Pain Of Divorce. His latest project is the New Thought Global Network, where subscribers can enjoy the best in New Thought presentations from anywhere at any time. You can see it at

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