Making a Difference is an Inside Job

by Berenice Andrews

A look at our spiritual evolution, the quest for empowerment and the journey to “en-lighten-ment.”

The Birthing Cave

How paradoxical it is—this Winter Solstice/Christmas “season” that contains the consciousness energies of endings/beginnings and sadness/joy.

For many of us, this often means pausing in the midst of our holiday busyness and making our solitary way into our own heart center/birthing cave. There, awaiting us is our Holy Family—our archetypal Masculine (Joseph), Feminine (Mary) and Child (Jesus).

In those moments, we reflect on how ancient this heart cave truly is…how the beloved Bethlehem story had its beginnings many centuries before Christianity. It’s actually a solstice sacred story…how mankind’s many saviors (each one the son of a god) had been birthed by a virgin in a cave, had obeyed his sacred destiny to teach and redeem mankind and had been crucified, laid in a tomb and resurrected. (Graves, Kersey, The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors, Or Christianity Before Christ.)

And now, at this moment in our spiritual evolution—Spirit-in-Action—we pause to ponder on our sacred story, on the inner drive that “in-forms” us. We reflect on our deep, lifelong need for spiritual empowerment and where striving to fulfill that need has been (and still is) taking us.

A “Practice”

Although each path is unique, we have discovered (along with all the other soul searchers, past and present) that the holy ones of the past centuries—the prophets and the shamans—had gradually provided instruction in the basic spiritual “practice” we needed. It’s the “ground” that can keep us steady when we seem to be losing our way. In those moments, we remember that Spirit is always here helping us, mostly with the unexpected. How very interesting this makes our journey, “good” days and “bad!”

Very early we sense, then discover an inner awareness that’s generated by our centers of consciousness—the microcosmic physical, emotional, mental and transcendent energies we carry. (It’s an ancient part of the “practice” but only recently made known in Western culture). In that exploration, we learn what those energies are and how they function. Thereby, we are truly becoming acquainted with our “i-am”—our microcosmic consciousness energies—the “selves” that we are. That alone is an amazing discovery!

Taking that knowing with us and moving on, we slowly learn about the power of our intent and how to maintain it. For this we tap into our willpower, which sometimes falters but never quite disappears. Meanwhile, we learn to focus on discerning, detaching and clarifying the “messages” we have been receiving from our physical, emotional and mental “bodies.” Simultaneously, we are proceeding with the “work” (sometimes rather heavy) of purifying and simplifying those bodies and those “messages.”

All of this “practice” is inextricably connected with a growing awareness of our values. They are the essential qualities that we begin to perceive as necessary for us to keep and/or gain for our spiritual empowerment. In that work,” we also realize that the values not fostering that empowerment must be released.

Meanwhile, this actually has been happening. With Spirit-in-Action—the energies of causation—there has been a beginning “dance” among our many “selves.” They are slowly unifying into a higher vibratory frequency, while we let go of our detritus.

In the meantime, Spirit has been giving us yet more “work” to be done.


Our quest for empowerment requires that we explore and experience the negative connotations attached to the word “empowerment” by those who have equated it with arrogance, “selfishness” and a few other “sins.” And our quest also often requires that we become fully aware of and deal with the fears that seeking true spiritual empowerment can arouse in us. Since the first idea, based on beliefs instilled at an early age, is firmly connected with the second, we can occupy many hours—often painful ones—identifying and (where necessary) changing our entrenched beliefs, which are neither easy nor short-term tasks.

But already we have been receiving the help to proceed with this immensely important part of the “work.” It’s the crux of our physical and psycho/spiritual evolution—the “point” that the way-showers of humanity have endlessly tried to make. Stated simply:”…let it be done to you according to your belief.” (Matthew 8: 13)

The implications are enormous!

Even before we started on this leg of the journey, there has inevitably been a struggle with our emotional body consciousness—the depository of our beliefs. For countless lifetimes, our “dark obscurities” (Krishnamurti) have been hiding out in that multidimensionality. Now, because we’re walking our path of spiritual empowerment, we are slowly developing trust and becoming increasingly capable of acknowledging, accepting and allowing those ancient, emotional energies.

With those “pieces” coming together (finally), we can go into the next exploration awaiting us.

The Universal Archetypes

Here in our dark obscurities are the three ancient emotional body archetypes that have bedeviled all of humanity, likely since the Ice Age. Now, we’re ready to deal with them.

The Victim

Although this might not be the name we give it, our inner “victim” has given us this constantly recurring message:

“i am broken and weary; i am helpless and ineffectual; i am angry; i am distrustful and afraid; i am needy. Of course i want a better life! i just have to control it because people will hurt me and i must avoid abuse; otherwise i will not survive.”

The Prostitute

Although this might not be the name we give it, our inner “prostitute” has given us this constantly recurring message:

“i am hungry and empty; i am seductive and insatiable; i am angry; i am distrustful and afraid; Of course i want a better life! i just have to control it because people will want the real “me” and i must avoid exposure; otherwise, i will not survive.”

The Saboteur

Although this might not be the name we give it, our inner saboteur has given us this constantly recurring message:

“i am inflexible and alert; i am deceptive and charming; i am angry; i am distrustful and afraid; i am malicious; i am destructive. Of course i want a better life! i just have to control it, because people will expect me to be different and i must avoid change; otherwise, i will not survive.”

Although one of those archetypes likely predominates in us, and its message might be much more subtle, our inner exploration will likely reveal all of these universal archetypes. They have been called “demons” and “tempters” and even “satanic” parts of ourselves. Moving with us from lifetime to lifetime, they are the “dark obscurities” that have “in-formed” us for millennia.

Meanwhile, we are increasingly perceiving how our evolution—Spirit-in-Action—has been pushing us to the present moment in our history. At last, we can connect with our brain/heart and be in-formed by a compassionate rationality.

With that focus now moving into the forefront, we can continue our “practice,” walk with the Spirit and heal our universal archetypes.

Our spiritual empowerment is growing.

Although there are many other ways by which that development proceeds, we can trust that Spirit will be there to help us find them as we go. We’ll certainly become aware of what psychologists refer to as our personality (a very interesting aspect of us that has been involved with our universal archetypes). Now it can be examined and modified.

Relating to this, there are the roles played by our past lives—a sometimes disquieting discovery—but one that can now be gently addressed.

When we do that inner exploring, we realize that many of the beliefs that we established as our foundation have been shifted, changed and even eliminated. So, also, have our values. Our spiritually empowered consciousness is maturing. Our new beliefs and values are slowly becoming those of a compassionately rational human being who loves living on this earth plane and walking in the Creative Consciousness Energies that are Spirit.

And that loving awareness is being “in-formed” by an energy that we (at first) recognize as inherent in our emerging new beliefs. But then comes the next moment of “en-lighten-ment.” We perceive that there’s a reciprocal relationship between our beliefs and values.

In all of this, we discover that our previous approach to perceiving and living our lives—that of the mythical path that often separated us from this earth home—has been replaced. (See “What an Attitude” in the November, 2016, issue of Transformation.) In its stead, there’s a brain/heart connection that tells us that we’re “already in heaven.” In short, all our bodies (especially our emotional body) are now getting ready to “dance” with the others and finally be in step. (See “Understanding the Human Energy Being,” parts One, Two and Three in June, July and August, 2015, Transformation.)

In that new connection, we can happily move forward onto a rational path that honors and lives with rational beliefs and values. We (finally) perceive that they are necessary for our ongoing development as human beings.

The Rational Path

From our very beginnings, our values and beliefs have always been the foundation of our choices. What’s different now is that we realize it. They were there to bring us further along our evolutionary path, or result in our devolution. The ancient scriptures repeatedly taught us this truth.

We can (finally) perceive the freedom that Spirit has always given to us. Our choice was to recognize and obey the Law of our existence. It has taken many millennia for us to learn how to “tune into” our inner core…our nucleus of divinity. Now we’re ready. We have been prepared.

Not surprisingly, the rational path requires and involves yet more “practices.” With a start of recognition, we see that all our other spiritual practices have been the foundation for this one.


1) Living consciously means maintaining all the practices that have become a “lifestyle” and focusing on being inwardly and outwardly aware.

2) Accepting and valuing ourselves means honoring ourselves as the energies of the life force within.

3) Acknowledging our self-responsibility means choosing and maintaining the values that are in keeping with our spiritual empowerment.

4) Asserting ourselves means honoring our values and choosing what is authentic in our lives.

5) Functioning purposefully means choosing the life goals in keeping with our capabilities and values.

6) Upholding our personal integrity means ensuring that our words and deeds match each other.

(See Nathaniel Branden, various titles including The Six Pillars of Self Esteem)

In Summary

Well, onward and upward!

It would appear that, in the final analysis spiritual empowerment and compassionate rationality go together. It could be suggested that this is so because our spirituality and our humanity are one and the same. While sitting there in our own Winter Solstice/Christmas “season” birthing cave, we can know this. It could help us focus on “making a difference” in our lives and in the world around us.

Berenice Andrews is a shamanic teacher/healer. For more details about the healing practices mentioned above, see her book Rebirthing Into Androgyny: Your Quest for Wholeness…And Afterward. See also her articles “Finding Your True Self: A (Sort of) Socratic Dialog,” September, 2014, and “Understanding the Human Energy Being,” June, July and August, 2015 in Transformation Magazine. If you are interested in reading more and/or becoming her student, see her web site:


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